The Mobile e-mail App We’ve Been Waiting For

January 18th, 2013


Do you read and send e-mail messages through your smart phone? Of course! Do you really like the e-mail tool that you use to get this done? Hm...maybe not so much... The truth is that few smart phone users are smitten with their mobile e-mail programs. There is a new challenger in the mobile e-mail space, though, and it may well make your heart flutter! Tech provider Orchestra recently launched Mailbox, its new e-mail client for your iPhone. And the reviews? So far, excellent.


Tech writers have already been enthused about Mailbox for iPhone for one main reason: Its easy to tell that it was designed specifically for a smart phone. This represents a stark contrast from most mobile e-mail programs. A great number of them operate as though they were developed for desktop and laptops then imported, with few changes, to mobile platforms. Mailbox for iPhone has quite a different feel. In part because to delete messages, archive them, save them for a later date or respond to them, you employ the swiping motion so common to today’s smart phones and other mobile computing devices. This simple improvement gives Mailbox for iPhone an advantage over its competitors.


Another issue with most mobile e-mail programs relates to message display size.  When messages are opened, they are just too large, with too much information displayed for that little smart phone screen. Mailbox for iPhone addresses this. When originally showing messages, Mailbox only displays the key parts. Signatures, for instances, won’t be visible, removing most of the clutter associated with standard mobile e-mail programs. Tapping an email message opens it into an expanded state, showing such information as signatures plus the “To” and “From” fields. Reviewers have pointed out that sending an e-mail message from Mailbox for your iPhone feels more like Tweeting, which feels easy and familiar to many smart phone users.  Finally, Mailbox earns kudos for the texting feel of their app. Users do not see the traditional e-mail message format when they open messages. Instead, their screens display smaller chat bubbles. Again, this is a nice feature for mobile users that are at ease with texting.

To Do

Finally, Mailbox provides a kind of handy to-do list for your e-mail messages. It’s not hard to access options than enable you to decide when a message, after you’ve read it, will reappear in your inbox. You can choose from such options as “Later Today”, “This Evening”, “Tomorrow” and “Next Week”. For any exceptionally long-term messages, you can even pick the “In a Month” option. Our recommendation? If you are sick and tired of e-mail clients that are slow or that feel as if that they were designed solely for a desktop, explore Orchestra’s Mailbox. You might just find it a perfect fit!