Improve Your Productivity With These Chrome Extensions

November 9th, 2012


When we work on a computer all day we are likely to take breaks and visit humorous sites like The Chive, or news sites like CNN. Everyone needs an occasional sanity break now and then, but if you find that you’re visiting them very frequently, this could be seriously affecting your productivity. If you work in Chrome a lot, there are some extensions you can use to assist you with your productivity. Not too long ago The Huffington Post wrote a story that showcased several different add-ons. We have picked our favorite 4 and discussed them below.

Stay Focused

This add-on places a time limit on those time-wasting websites that you like. Once the timer on each site expires, it will remain blocked for the remainder of the day, preventing you from clicking on CNN or The Onion for an anti-productivity visit.

Cool Clock

Cool clock is a wonderful add-on for Chrome if you find that you miss meetings or appointments. It comes with a clock, calendar, alarm, timer and hourly desktop time notifications. You can use this for more than just a device to remind you about meetings. It can also remind you of important tasks you must complete.

Last Pass

Do you have a lot of passwords? Do you devote a lot of time trying to remember this one or that one? Last Pass is a Chrome add-on that tries to make this simpler. It manages your online passwords for you so you do not have to fight to remember them.

Turn off the Lights

If you must watch videos often as part of your job but get distracted easily, this extension comes in handy. Turn off the Lights dims everything else on your screen but keeps your media player bright so that you have to concentrate on the video you are watching instead of the other things you have open.