Microsoft Word Alternatives

October 26th, 2012


We all need to use a word processor from time to time. Quite often the one we turn to is Microsoft Word. Unfortunately Microsoft Word can be cumbersome to use and it can run slowly. And many users don’t utilize all of the features it offers.

Too many features with Word?

Because Microsoft Word has so many features it can be slow, and some of the features are applied automatically to your document. More annoying than autocorrect on your smartphone, and a lot less entertaining...what if you don’t want a specific word capitalized and Microsoft Word keeps capitalizing it? Also, Word tends to want to be the cantankerous grammar teacher and underlines phrases it thinks are grammatical errors even if they are not.

For individuals who do not want to battle with Microsoft Word there are alternatives. The following programs may make life easier for you and don’t cost a thing!

Free Word alternatives

One of the best could be WordPad. Chances are good that it’s already available, for free, on users’ Microsoft-powered desktops. This software, which has been available to PC users since the launch of Windows 95, has gradually evolved from a basic text editor to a more sophisticated word-processing program that probably provides more than enough features for almost all users. Users can access WordPad by clicking on Windows’ start button to bring up the “All Programs” option. WordPad will be located in the “Accessories” file.

Word’s online competitors

An online program that may be a lot better then WordPad is Writer. It includes a good majority of  Word's features and is very intuitive. Should you be looking to explore some alternatives to Word, Writer will probably be worth a shot.