Small Business Tip: 3 Apps to Manage Employees

August 3rd, 2012


Not much is easy about starting a business; one of the reasons a lot of start-ups fail in the first couple of years. Many successful people enjoy the results which come from the very simple notion of "using what you have." What we have right now due to recent years' explosions in technology is tremendous exposure to many helpful business applications. So make managing your employees more do-able by using some of the many apps we have right at our fingertips! The following three apps are some of the best to boost productivity and manage your employees.

Labor Time Tracker

It might seem a tad outdated to have your employees punch in and out of work, but it can be helpful from an organizational perspective. Labor Time Tracker is a wonderful replacement for physical time sheets.  It is an app that costs $4.95 a month for each employee and they punch their hours on virtual cards. It helps you to effortlessly see who is out and who is working, as well as easily track overtime.


Trello is one of quite a few organization apps designed to keep business owners on task, but Trello does differ in one significant way: It lets business owners add employees and contractors to their various to-do lists. By doing this, everyone in a company can see these lists and keep tabs on what should be done throughout the day. Trello also lets business owners delegate tasks to their employees and send them messages associated with the business’s various to-do lists.


TribeHR ranks one of the better human-resources apps available. Even more significantly, it’s affordable – just $2 a month for each user. The app allows company owners to monitor employee time off, schedule performance evaluations, regulate recruiting efforts, and update employee profiles. In a nutshell, it does just about everything you’d expect a full-fledged human-resources department to do at a small fraction of the cost.

If you’re attempting to build a small business in today’s difficult economy, you need all the help you can get. Next time you're browsing for educational apps to kick off the schoolyear right for the kids, be sure to browse for yourself as well and check out the people-management apps available today. You may be amazed at how powerful they are.


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