Three Terrible Tech Ideas That Defy Taste, Logic and Common Sense

July 27th, 2012


Bad technologies appear on a daily basis, and most quickly and quietly vanish. Unfortunately some of them stick around past their natural expiration date. Here is a list of three apps that don’t know when to call it quits. How did they come to be, why haven’t they died, and who’s wasting their hard-earned dollars on them?

Social Media for Your Bathroom

How else, though, to explain the continuing life of iPoo?  As the ComputerWorld story says, this is a social network that is just what you dare to think it is...created for people who are going to the bathroom and still don’t want to disconnect from their virtual friends.  Whut?! There's a time to be connected; and a time to not be.  Similarly, folks don't need to feel they must post messages to online friends about what they just had for dinner, either.  

Tacos Through the Air

We all like fast-food tacos. But going out to get them?  Not as enjoyable.  TacoCopter wants to solve this issue by delivering tacos in California’s Silicon Valley with helicopter drones. Yes, drones won’t just be for snuffing out terrorists if TacoCopter gets its way. This service, of course, isn’t yet ready to go. And the likelihood is good that it will never achieve this milestone. But the company does boast a live website.

A Stranger Is Only a Friend You Haven’t Met?

Are you seeking more friends on Facebook? If so, you can use a new service called Airtime. It mines your Facebook profile and gathers strangers that share similar interests to you. After that you can click “next” if you don’t like the stranger that they send you.
...Hmm, this one might just get top billing in "creep factor".


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