Four Programs to Make File Sharing Easier

July 20th, 2012


Have you ever attempted to send a large file only to find that it was too large for email? The majority of us have. That is why we have compiled the four most popular file-sharing programs below. Hopefully this makes your life a little easier.


YouSendIt is a cloud-based storage system and is free. It allows you to share very large files and it’s quite simple to use. One of the attractive things about YouSendIt is that it gives the user control over their files by allowing them to set an expiration date for access, and they can establish who is able to download the files.


DropSend operates in much the same way as YouSendIt.  DropSend, however, offers file-sharing programs in a variety of options. For example, you can choose DropSend Lite, which is free. This version allows you to send five files a month. The basic version of the program costs $5 a month, and allows you to send 15 files a month. The business version – $99 a month – allows users to send a limitless number of files each month.


SugarSync’s popularity grew as the popularity of smartphones and tablets grew. This is due to the fact that by creating a SugarSync account users can save all of their files to all their devices at once. Another advantage to SugarSync is that it allows users to specify who has access to these files; this makes it simple to share movies and music with family and coworkers.


Dropbox is probably the most well known program for file sharing. It allows you to store files on all of your devices at once like SugarSync and it comes with a variety of payment levels.



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