Retina Display Advancements

June 13th, 2012

The country’s technology leaders never stand still and they’re always improving their products. It’s why major players such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google remain at the top of a competitive industry.

The Power of the Retina Display

A great example of a business improving their products is Apple. They have made considerable improvements to their iPhone 4 and Retina display. With this technology Apple managed to give its clients with the best quality video and clearest images that have been on the market. According to an article on Digital Trends the screen boasts a 2,048-by-1,536-pixel resolution. But Apple is not quitting there as the company plans on once again bettering this technology.

Arming the MacBook Pro with High-Tech Visuals

So, what is Apple’s next move? They’re going to release a MacBook Pro with 15-inch display and a resolution of 2,880-by-1,800 pixels. When pixels are increased to this density, the human eye can no longer recognize individual pixels. Images will have a smooth and continuous look. This achievement will make the screen almost twice as clear as present MacBooks.

Not a New Technology

An interesting fact is that this is not actually a new technology. The U.S. military has been utilizing it in their flight simulators for quite a while. And IBM uses retina technology in their massive super-computers. However, until now, the technology hasn’t been available on the mass market. You can bet that after this next advancement comes out, consumers will be anxiously anticipating the next advancement. So, Apple has the right idea to stay ahead of its competitors as far as screen technology goes.

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