Google Glasses: Hands-Free Connectivity

May 30th, 2012

Many people spend their days with their heads down looking at their devices. Google hopes to pick our heads up and still permit us to be constantly connected. Enter Project Glass; this is Google’s recent project that let’s users have their data projected before their eyes, you might have heard it called Google glasses. You may even have read an article or two about this or have seen images of people wearing glasses that look right out of Star Trek.

A Computer Above Your Eyes

The famed Google augmented reality glasses allow users to read email messages, bring up online maps, take pictures, record video, and video chat with friends and family members – all without having to use their hands.

A Stream of Useful Information

These Google glasses are activated using voice commands. By just speaking out loud, “where is the nearest bus stop” the glasses will bring up a map and lead you to your destination.

This video, produced by Google, gives you a peek at what wearing these augmented reality glasses may be like. The video shows a man making plans throughout his day, without having to bother with a hand held device. As he heads to meet a friend the glasses inform him that the subway is suspended then maps out walking directions for him to follow. The video demonstrates that these glasses can act as a personal assistant who stays one step ahead and makes your life run more easily.

An Unobtrusive Technology?

Supposedly Project Glass isn’t made to bombard users with an unending stream of technology. It’s actually meant to make it simpler for them to access the technology they want when they want it. For example, a user may wish to take a picture of his girlfriend standing on a bridge over the Chicago River. Rather than fumbling around for his camera or smartphone, he just presses a button on his Google glasses to snap the shot.

Another issue that has been raised is the potential for being inundated with advertisements. There are several entertaining spoof videos on YouTube concerning this. Whatever the future of Project Glass may be, one thing is for sure. This technology has a lot of potential.


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