Online Invoicing the Easy Way

January 27th, 2012

You opened your own catering business because you love to cook. You went into the bakery business to sell pastries and cakes. You didn’t open your own landscaping company because you love paperwork. Yet to be a prosperous small business owner, you cannot neglect the financial side of your business, and this means that you must make certain you correctly invoice your clients. Forgetting to invoice your clients can leave you with a serious cash flow problem, one that, if left unchecked, could put you out of business.

Invoicing help online

Online invoicing services abound these days that make the financial side of business a lot more manageable. Online services make the laborious task of paperwork much quicker.  Depending on the service you use, the communication to the client can even be automatic! Let’s consider some of the most well known online invoicing services available:

A free but powerful invoicing service

BillingBoss has a big advantage: It’s free. This online tool enables you to set up automatic invoicing of repeat customers and send out once-off invoices to those customers who aren’t regular. Do not be deceived because this service is free. It ought to be plenty powerful enough for the majority of small business owners.

A power tool

Next let’s examine AcceptPay. Developed and run by American Express, AcceptPay is a very impressive service that connects with QuickBooks, enables online payments, and has a wider array of invoicing options. At the reasonably low monthly price of $30, this is a great choice for those businesses that want a more robust service.

Invoicing for the tech-savvy

Lastly we’ll look at the most customizable option of the bunch, BambooInvoice. This open source program is hosted on your own servers and can be easily customized for your business’ needs. So if you need more control and are a bit tech-savvy, BambooInvoice might be your best choice.

These are only a few of the available options online. Most services are free or exceptionally cost-effective. If you need to take the reigns on your invoicing process, think about employing an online solution.

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