Online Tools to Help You Manage Projects

January 6th, 2012

As a small business, there is a good chance you have to manage projects and people that are not always located in one area.  So how do you maintain these projects and off location employees while still having the ability to share updates, documents, and assign tasks?

Project management solutions

Conveniently enough, many project management tools can be found that make managing all of these things easier.  Using these tools will help your small business in coordinating projects and keeping employees and clients informed. Here are a few available options:


Basecamp remains one of the most popular online project management tools for entrepreneurs. There is a simple reason for this: It boasts an easily understood interface that allows you to easily manage any of your small business projects. You can tap into the system to communicate with project managers, assign new tasks, give your okay to submitted documents and marketing materials, or plan meetings. You can even enable your clients to access Basecamp so that they can offer feedback on the work that you and your team have already carried out.


Inuit business software creators have developed a project management tool called Quickbase.  This tool has many of the same features of Basecamp while being able to facilitate both large and small companies all with a clean and simple user interface.


Some projects call for more creativity than others. That’s where Huddle comes in. This project management tool is designed specifically to handle the more creative marketing and advertising projects that small business owners must occasionally take on. Huddle features a power live-conferencing tool that can make holding impromptu meetings a simple task.


DeskAway is a good tool for giving you an instant snapshot of the progress that’s been made on a project. After reviewing this progress, you can use DeskAway to send quick messages to team members either to congratulate them on their work or to ask for changes or updates. DeskAway also gives you the ability to create and post to a blog created especially for your present project.

There are many other options for project management tools, each with their own benefits for individual businesses. Make sure you look for the one that will help your business manage your projects and personnel the best.

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