The Connectivity of Devices

November 4th, 2011

The world is becoming more connected. When we say this, we don’t just mean as individuals. Our devices are becoming more connected to each other as well. This makes our everyday life easier by adding seamlessness to our day that wasn’t present before. Now you can work on a document at work, send it to your smartphone and use a voice transcription app to continue working in your car. This is just one example; this video is Microsoft’s vision of what connectivity is likely to make our future look like. What types of devices, apps, or combination of the two will help create a future like this? Here are a couple I have found, let us know of any you can think of.



iControl is a home security and energy management product that Comcast recently unveiled. With this product, people can control the thermostat in their homes, turn lights on and off, and monitor their homes with live streaming video. Various components interact to give individuals full control over their homes when away.

Air Sharing

This app for the iPad permits you to use your iPad or iPhone as an external hard drive for your computer. Having the ability to effortlessly access and transfer your documents allows for more mobility in your workday.


Apple’s AirPlay app allows you to wirelessly stream music, videos, and photos to Apple TV. Imagine listening to a podcast or audio book on your run then walking into the house and seamlessly transferring it to your home system for you to finish enjoying. This kind of connectivity isn't just for work but also for play.

Will the future be filled with gadgets, apps, and software that synchronize every aspect of your life? In this era of connectivity, we are deeply connected to our devices. Hopefully they will one day be so interconnected that they will even be a few steps ahead of us. If this requires less effort on my part, I’m for it…what about you ??

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