How to safeguard your computer

October 12th, 2011

Everyone loves computers. Why is that? The obvious answer is: they're highly valuable items. They automate some of the harder parts of our lives and grant us entertainment. However, it’s this value that makes our machines hot targets for thievery. Read on for some simple steps you can take to help make sure that your computer is safeguarded from such attempts.

Physical Security

All computers are portable, even if they are desktop models. A thief is more than happy to do a quick grab and run, leaving you with nothing but a few cords and a monitor. To further secure your computer, try adding a security cable. These cables are generally locked with a key, and cost only $40. They are both easy to install and straightforward to operate, and add a level of physical safety to your computer that is priceless.

Data Security

Computer’s are worth more than the sum of their physical parts. When a computer is stolen, the thief may have access to your personal information and data. Even if your computer is password protected or your data is encrypted, the data stored within could, in theory, be accessed. Because of this, it’s a good practice to store your bank account, credit and social security information in a different location. Having your identity stolen on top of losing your computer would only add insult to injury.

Keeping Track

Wish there was a way to track down your computer when it goes missing? Yeah, there’s an app for that. Downloading tracking software onto your computer will help you to locate it once it’s gone, so long as the hard drive remains intact. While a computer may its hard drive wiped clean once stolen, there have been numerous occasions where computer tracking apps have been effective in returning the stolen item to its owner.

While all of these tips are useful in keeping your computer safe, there is no replacement for common sense and reasonable vigilance. Make sure to take good care of your computer; chances are it takes good care of you.

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