Unbelievable Tech Lawsuits of the Last Decade

September 2nd, 2011

Usually lawsuits are very serious news and not to be laughed at. The tech industry has had its fair share of these more serious suits. However, we sometimes read about ones that we can’t help but be amused by. This list of unbelievable tech lawsuits from the past 10 years is sure to tickle your funny bone.

Pentium Allergy? – In 2002, a Dutch woman filed a lawsuit against Intel because she said she got hives from her Pentium processor. However, the 486-base processor did not have the same affect on her. The case never went to court. I suppose no one was “itching” to take it.

A Woman Lead into Danger by Google? - In 2009, Google was sued by a woman who was hit by a car on a dark narrow highway that did not have pedestrian pathways. She blamed Google because she was just following the walking directions they gave her. A judge dismissed her case and Google “dodged” the lawsuit.

Sony Killed Star Wars Galaxies! - In 2010, distraught fans of the online MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies put together a class-action lawsuit against Sony for shutting it down. Due to dwindling subscriptions, Sony continued with the shut down plans.  Unfortunately, I think the “force” is not strong with this case.

Woman sues man over a failed Mafia Wars romance - A woman fell deeply in love with another player of the Facebook game, Mafia Wars, and spent thousands of dollars on Mafia Wars gifts for her beau. After the relationship ended she sued him for the money she had spent.  Her case and her love life are now “sleeping with the fishes.”

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