SPOT Shield Managed Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

In today's fast-evolving cybersecurity landscape, Dallas Fort Worth small businesses face far more cybersecurity threats than ever, cyber insurance premiums (and the requirements to get cyber insurance have increased as well), and overall the risks for small business owners means that just having basic cybersecurity in place isn't enough.  We've put together a bundle of managed cybersecurity services available as an add-on to your SPOT Managed IT Services agreement.

  • SPOT Shield Multi-Factor Authentication powered by Duo
  • SPOT Shield Breach Protection Portal
  • SPOT SaaS Discovery powered by Augmentt
  • Keeper Password Manager - Enterprise
  • SPOT Protect for Microsoft 365 Backup powered by Datto
  • SPOT Shield Microsoft 365 Managed Security
Check out our SPOT Shield Managed Cybersecurity SMBs brochure HERE.

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