May 2021 Newsletter

May News:

Is Working From Home Working?
Technology Update
Your Office Is On Fire - What Do You Save?
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Is Working From Home Working?

A quarter of people plan to work from home either permanently or more regularly when the pandemic is over.

April 2021 Newsletter

April News:

What's New & On The Calendar
How to Use DISC Behavioral Assessments to Improve Communications
April 13th is Identity Management Day!
Cybersecurity Awareness News: Your Incident Response Plan
Vistage Executive News: Climb To Recovery For CEOs
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March 2021 Newsletter

March 10th, 2021

March News:

What's New & On The Calendar
What is ITIL?
Top Takeaways from The Fulcrum Group Virtual Lunch & Learn
Cybersecurity Alert: Microsoft Exchange Email Servers Under Attack from Nation-State Cyber Attackers
Vistage Executive News: Could You Grow Yourself Out Of Business?
Did You Know.

February 2021 Newsletter

February 13th, 2021

February News:

On The Calendar
Anatomy of a Successful SPOT Quarterly Strategy Review
What Is A Technology Roadmap? 
Cybersecurity SPOTlight: Your Digital Health
Vistage Executive News: Building Your Ideal Customer Profile
Did You Know.

January 2021 Newsletter

January 2nd, 2021

January News:

On The Calendar
SPOT Managed IT Services – Process Driven IT
What Is STAR Power?
Cybersecurity SPOTlight: Review of Latest Security Threats & How To Avoid Them
Vistage Executive News: What Makes A Great Leader
Did You Know…? STAR Power

On The Calendar

The Fulcrum Group Is Turning 19!

On March 1, The Fulcrum Group officially turns 19. Consistent growth over the past few years – 2020 not withstanding – has helped usher us into 2021, stronger than ever!

In fact, CEO and Founder, Steve Meek, recently chatted with Channel Futures about changing technology and evolving operations, where he spoke about several principles that drives the business and has put Fulcrum on the path to success — ultimately landing us on the new SMB Hot 101 list this year.

December 2020 Newsletter

December 10th, 2020

December News:

On The Calendar
Project Management Deep Dive
Work From Home Best Practices
Cybersecurity SPOTlight: 2020 Cybersecurity Recap
Vistage Executive News: Top 5 HR Initiatives, Preparing for 2021
Did You Know.

November 2020 Newsletter

October 29th, 2020

November News:

On The Calendar
IT Vendor Management
IT Managers As Contract Administrators
Cybersecurity SPOTlight: Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tip Roundup
Vistage Executive News: Top 15 Tax Planning Tips For Business Owners
Did You Know.

October 2020 Newsletter

September 24th, 2020

October News:

On The Calendar
Project Management Basics
What To Do If Your Cloud Software Vendor Is Hit By Ransomware
Cybersecurity SPOTlight: Insider Threats
Vistage Executive News: Goodbye LIBOR, Hello SOFR!
Did You Know.

September 2020 Newsletter

September 3rd, 2020

September News:

On The Calendar
Using Leasing & Section 179 Benefits to Pay for Needed Upgrades
IT Budgeting - Not Just An Annual Event
Cybersecurity SPOTlight: Remote Access Security
Vistage Executive News: Implementing EOS
Did You Know.

August 2020 Newsletter

August 11th, 2020

August News:

On The Calendar
Microsoft Teams Business Voice - Pros & Cons
Adding Audio Conferencing To Microsoft Teams 
Cybersecurity SPOTlight: A Scammer's Toolkit
Vistage Executive News: 4 Major Pandemic Challenges Facing Leaders
Did You Know.