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Microsoft 365 How To – Outlook

Below is our complete list of Microsoft 365 How To Videos for Outlook. Click on any of the below to go straight to it's video.

(for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android, on the web, and general Outlook tips)

Windows - Add an email account to Outlook

From staying connected wherever you are, to sharing actual files in real time, here's a quick overview video and steps outlined below, for adding an email account to Outlook. Here’s how to do it.

Windows - Welcome to your email

Overview of layout, changing appearance of your messages, see more email options and how to search for help.  Here's how to do it.

Windows - Managing email, setup auto-reply (out of office)

One of the least fun things about being out of the office - setting up your out of office message - here's how to do it, made easy!

Windows - Organize Inbox

Set categories, followup flags, reminders and colors.  Here's how.

Windows - Contacts & tasks, add a contact in Outlook

Keep track of everyone you communicate with by creating and editing contacts in Outlook - here's how to do it.

Windows - Calendar

Learn how to switch your Outlook calendar view between day, week, or month views, change the week displayed, and see different shared calendars. Here's how.

Mac - Quick start - Add an or Microsoft 365 email

Add your or Microsoft 365 email account into Outlook for Mac. Here's how to get it done.

Mac - Setup and customize

Create custom signatures that can be automatically added to your email messages. Email signatures can include text, images, your electronic business card, a logo, or even your handwritten signature. Here's how.

Mac - Create and send email

See how your inbox is organized, to help you find messages, work with attachments, and see more options. Here's how to do it.

Mac - Manage email, schedule an appointment or meeting with others

Schedule an appointment or schedule a meeting with others in Outlook for Mac.  Here's how to get that done.

Mac - Organize your inbox

Use folders and rules to organize your inbox on a Mac. Here's how.

Mac - Contacts and tasks

Keep track of everyone you communicate with by creating and editing contacts in Outlook. Here's how to do this.

Mac - Calendar

Switch your Outlook for Mac calendar between day, week, or month views and change the week displayed. Here's how.

iOS & Android - Manage your inbox in Outlook Mobile

Get started with Outlook on your iOS or Android device, use Play My Emails to skip, flag, archive, and delete emails, and personalize Play My Emails. Here's how to do that.

iOS & Android - Manage your time in Outlook Mobile

Need everyone at a meeting? Outlook mobile helps you find a time when everyone is available. Here's how.

iOS & Android - Search and share in Outlook Mobile

Microsoft Search in Outlook mobile finds what you need fast. Effortlessly get to your top contacts, calendar events and files with improved email search.. Here's how.

iOS & Android - People and connections in Outlook Mobile

Outlook Mobile makes it easy to find contacts and learn more about them. View their direct reports, who they work with and where your contact fits into the organizational chart. Here's how.

Outlook on the web - Get started with Outlook

Outlook on the web makes it simple to keep your email, calendar, and contacts right at your fingertips. Here's how to do this.

Outlook on the web - Learn more about Outlook

Learn more about managing your inbox, contacts and calendar. Check these vids out.

OUTLOOK: Send emails without reaching for the mouse

You know in movies, where they use their computers without ever touching the mouse? Now you can too. Here’s how to send emails without using your mouse or trackpad – instead some helpful Outlook shortcuts.

OUTLOOK: Automatically file incoming emails

Is your inbox the digital version of your junk drawer? Introduce some Zen to your digital life and use these great tips to automatically file your incoming emails.

OUTLOOK: Create a good folder structure for your emails

We get so many emails, it’s easy for inboxes to become a mess. Creating a good folder structure is the perfect way to help you find what you’re looking for quickly and keep your inbox clean and tidy.

OUTLOOK: Reply to emails without using your mouse

Who has time to use a mouse or trackpad when responding to emails? Use this great shortcut to reply to emails without your fingers needing to leave the keyboard.

OUTLOOK: Insert text into emails really quickly

Tired of typing the same phrases and paragraphs in your emails? Save time and energy by discovering how to automatically insert big sections of text with just a few clicks. Do it now, thank us later.

OUTLOOK: Sort your emails into eye-catching categories

Prevent an overwhelming inbox by sorting your emails at a glance. You can arrange them by client, colleague, theme, or urgency… whatever works best for you. Eye-catching designs make sure you’re able to see important emails at a glance.

OUTLOOK: Set your email signature

Your email signature is your digital business card, so it needs to look professional. Here’s how to set your email signature in Outlook.

OUTLOOK: Make a new contact automatically

Who has the time to manually create new email contacts? If you’re still relying on old emails or autocomplete, we have just the thing for you. Here’s how to create a new contact quickly and keep your contacts up to date.

OUTLOOK: Set your Out of Office auto-response message

Pack that sunscreen and put on those sunglasses because it’s time for a getaway. Just one thing left to do and that’s switch on your Out of Office. Let customers and colleagues know you’re away and who they should contact.

OUTLOOK: Keep important email folders at the top

You know what they say, out of sight, out of mind. That isn’t such a good thing when it comes to important email folders. Keep your priority folders prominent in Outlook so they’re always at the top of your list.

OUTLOOK: Send a team email with one click

Instant messenger apps are great, but you’ll still need to send important team emails. In Outlook you can do this with just one click (and without forgetting anyone) by setting up a team email function.

OUTLOOK: Stop the annoying email notification sound

The average person receives over 120 emails every day at work. That’s over 120 annoying notifications to distract you and your colleagues. You probably hear that sound in your dreams… not anymore. Here’s how to make the email notification sound a thing of the past.

OUTLOOK: See all your calendars in a single screen

Juggling multiple personal and professional Outlook calendars can be overwhelming. Using this really simple function, you can see all your calendars on a single screen. Never miss a meeting or double book yourself again.

OUTLOOK: Add other country calendars to your own

Having your national holidays in your Outlook calendar is really useful. But if you also have clients and colleagues in other parts of the world, then knowing their national holidays is important too. Using this Outlook setting, you’ll be able to choose which country’s national holidays you can see.

OUTLOOK: Create shortcuts for frequently used functions

Outlook functions are great, but we can show you something even better… a shortcut to your most frequently used functions. Go from a few clicks to just the press of a button to get your work done.