Q1 2023 government IT Budgeting & Cybersecurity Concerns for Local Government Agencies

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Chuck Norris doesn't have an Incident Response Plan; Incidents have a Chuck Norris Response plan.

Great educational content on cybersecurity, tips for city budget makers but room for jokes about everyone’s favorite Texas Ranger

Of the 20+ cities/towns in attendance yesterday, feedback is the group loved the panel discussion on budgeting and cybersecurity the most. Technical attendees appreciated the security-focused presentations’ practical content, which included advice on clear and present threats to local government. The Incident Response content included a variety of practical tips and reference material.

Here is a short recap of some of the key points, or links to things you missed if, you weren’t able to attend:

  • Cybersecurity Best Practices- Some Takeaways
    IT/MSP experts may not be cybersecurity experts
    Employees are still a weak link, requiring education and tools
    Reference DBIR findings to aid CJIS defensive efforts
    Beware growth of IoT devices, above SCADA
    Office 365, a blessing and, a potential hole in cybersecurity
  • Incident Response Planning- Some Takeaways
    Get your team around you, including 3rd parties
    Use ChatGPT to assist with research, detailing steps/processes
    Understand the shared responsibility models of your vendors
    Utilize NIST SP800-61r2 or templates, like TML Risk Pool offers
    Start IRP now, perfection can only come with time and revisions
  • Panel Takeaways
    Watch the video below and hear their words themselves
  • Presentations & Panel 
    Local Govt Cybersecurity Best Practices Video | Presentation
    Incident Response Planning Video | Presentation
    IT Budgeting Panel Discussion Video
    Panelist Bios
  • Chuck Norris Cybersecurity Joke of the Event
    Chuck Norris doesn’t have an Incident Response Plan; Incidents have a Chuck Norris Response plan.
  • Microsoft 365 Cybersecurity Report Special Offer
    Do you know how secure your Microsoft 365 environment is?  Most City leaders have no idea.  Book a 30 minute cybersecurity discussion with us and we can help you decide if our Microsoft 365 Cybersecurity Report is right for you.

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