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Our Educational Guides are easy-to-read, quick topical dives on a variety of topics for business owners & managers. Check out our growing list!

January 2023
Fulcrum 2023 IT Services Buyer's Guide
What’s happened over the last few years has taught businesses just how important their IT partner is. It's not about us; it’s about all IT support companies and how to choose the right one for you. Inside, you’ll discover:

Why you want a partner that thinks strategically
• The reasons business owners and managers like you switch IT support providers
• How to protect the most important asset your business owns
• And why you should be highly skeptical of all IT support businesses (yes, including us)

December 2022
The Next 10 Years - 8 tech trends that you need to be ready for
December is a month when many of us take time to plan for the year ahead. But instead of looking at your forecasts for the next 12 months, we’d like you to think about what’s coming up over the next decade. Will you keep up? Will you choose the right tech? Here’s our guide to the 8 tech trends that your business needs to be ready for.

November 2022
How to get faster Wi-Fi in your office and for remote workers
The quickest way to upset your staff is by giving them slow access to the internet. Bad Wi-Fi quickly creates tension in the team and is a real productivity killer. You don’t have to suffer slow Wi-Fi. Here’s our guide to making Wi-Fi faster whether you’re working in the office or from home.

October 2022
How to Get Faster Wi-Fi in Your Office and For Remote Workers
Fast Wi-Fi isn’t just essential to keep our children happy. The reality is without fast
Wi-Fi many businesses simply couldn’t operate.  This month's Educational Guide shows you how to make Wi-Fi faster wherever you are working.

September 2022
The Business Owners Complete Guide to Phishing
Chances are you know about phishing. It’s where someone sends you a fake email pretending to be someone else. They’re hoping you’ll click a bad link or download a dangerous attachment. It’s one of the biggest kinds of cybercrime. But do you know what the red flags are?

August 2022
How to Get the Perfect Video Call Setup, Whatever Your Budget
This guide explains the three things you need to improve the
overall appearance of your video calls. We’ve even broken the solutions down into
price categories so you can skip to the best solution for your budget. Check it out!

July 2022
4 Decisions To Scale Your Organization
Decisions equal success – and there are four decisions, in
scaling your business, that you must get right or risk leaving
significant revenues, profits, and time on the table. These four
decisions are: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash.

June 2022
Microsoft 365 Productivity Tools
Focus more, be interrupted less… and get stuff done. When you own or manage a business, your cognitive load can be overwhelming. With constant interruptions, a crazy to-do list and everything else, your focus needs to be streamlined. Fortunately, Microsoft 365 comes with loads of tools to help you. This month's guide can help you decide which ones could work for you.

May 2022
What Could Digital IT Transformation Do For Your Business?
We’ve written a new guide about something called Digital IT Transformation. It’s how you use modern technology to bring on a revolution. It’s what Netflix and Lego did… and Kodak famously didn’t. Read case studies about this, and how digital IT transformation affects businesses of every size, in our new guide.

April 2022
Your Essential Cloud Migration Strategy Checklist
Moving to the Cloud can be a smart business decision. But it can be complex, and something you shouldn't attempt without expert help. Learn more in our April Educational Guide.

March 2022
The 7 KPIs for ROI from IT
To get Return on Investment (ROI) from your IT, there are several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track. Our new guide tells you what they are.

February 2022
The Security Problem of John's Other Laptop
Working From Home and hybrid working are here to stay. And that means as businesses, we need to get a grip on security in our staff’s homes as much as we do in the office.

January 2022
Defend & Invest - Your Technology Strategy for 2022
We believe cyber-crime is going to rise again this year, to levels never seen before.  So, two technology areas will be critical in 2022: Defend and Invest. Defending involves more than just technology tools and Investing is about technology powering your business forward. Our new guide looks at both these areas in detail.

December 2021
Are You Paying Your IT Provider Enough?
While you’ve probably wondered at least once “what exactly are we paying for?”, it may be unlikely you’ve ever considered whether you’re paying enough for your IT and technology support. Here are 4 big risks of paying too little for IT support.

November 2021
Windows 11 - The Wait Is Over
After a four month wait, a brand new version of Windows is finally here. It’s a lot more secure, has better functionality and greater possibilities.

October 2021
5 Steps To Improve Your Ransomware Resilience 
Be prepared...Sooner or later your business WILL be attacked. Ransomware is the most terrifying data security threat your business has ever faced. Our new guide answers all your questions about ransomware. Plus, you’ll discover five steps to improve your business’s ransomware resilience.

September 2021
Improve Profits With Fulcrum Group's Proactive STAR Power
Just fixing technology when it breaks is so 2010. These days most businesses prefer an IT partner who proactively prevents problems from happening. If you don’t have this, you really need to read our brand new guide. You’ll see the countless benefits for your business of a more proactive approach to your IT with Fulcrum Group's proactive STAR Power.

August 2021
IT Buyer's Guide 
One of the most critical partnerships your business will ever make is with your IT support company. Just think how dependent you and your team are on technology. When everything works as it should, it’s liberating. But when you’re constantly battling big problems and small frustrations, it’s exhausting. And that impacts everything.
The pandemic taught businesses just how important their IT partner is. We’ve been inundated with new inquiries over the last year. Be sure to utilize this great resource!

August 2021
10 Apps You Didn't Know You Had In Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 is full of awesome surprises waiting to be discovered. Wouldn’t it be great if someone wrote a guide to the best hidden apps in 365?  You're in luck!  We've prepared an easy-to-read guide for you this month, on the 10 Apps You Didn't Know You Had in Microsoft 365.

July 2021
Biggest Security Threat To Your Business
Someone working for you right now may have the capacity to take down your business from the inside - either intentionally, or not. We've prepared an easy-to-read guide for you this month, on the 5 key areas that must be in your cybersecurity strategy.

June 2021
9 Most Terrifying Types of Malware Educational Guide
All businesses, small and large and everything in between, are being attacked by cybercriminals every day.  Ensuring your organization is as shored up as it can be against cyberattacks is a critical focus for us at The Fulcrum Group, so we've prepared an easy-to-read guide on the 9 Most Terrifying Types of Malware for you.

May 2021
Cybersecurity Guide:  Cybercrime, Your Business' 5 Step Plan to Prepare & Protect
Cyber-crime is costing the world economy $1 trillion per year. You need a plan to keep your business protected. Check out this FREE Cybersecurity Guide we've prepared to help get you started.