Educational Guide: The 7 KPIs for ROI from IT

How to ensure your business’s spend on IT is an investment, and never an expense

No matter what kind of business you run, technology sits at the heart of it today. And it’s going to become more and more important in the future.

Big business thinkers see IT as a long-term investment.

These small updates from Microsoft could make a big difference

Don’t you often find it’s the small things that make the biggest difference?

That’s certainly the case with technology. Minor updates to the software you and your team use every day can have a surprising effect on your overall productivity.

Microsoft has recently announced a series of small improvements to Teams, Microsoft 365 and Windows 11. It’s keeping its foot on the gas despite the holidays being just a few weeks away.

Section 179 Updates for 2021

We hope you're familiar with the Section 179 page on our website.  We update it each year with relevant changes.  This year is unusual because, as we're all painfully aware of, significant issues with the technology supply chain means your benefits for 2021 might also be affected.

Weekly Tech Tip: Hacker’s Toolkit Videos

This is how easily your business can be hacked...

One of the greatest risks to your business these days is hackers trying to break into your IT systems. Thanks to automated tools, all businesses are being targeted by all hackers, all the time. They want to steal your data, your logins – or worse, hold your data ransom.

Educational Guide: Windows 11 The Wait Is Over

After a four month wait, a brand new version of Windows is finally here. It’s a lot more secure, has better functionality and greater possibilities.  And it looks beautiful.

New PCs are now on sale with Windows 11, and the upgrade will be available for existing computers early next year.

What is Swatting and Why Should You Care?

During this Cybersecurity Awareness Month, today's blog answers the question, "What is Swatting and Why Should You Care?"


What is it?
An attack centered around location sharing in which bad actors call the police claiming the victim has committed a crime…
 Bomb Threat
 Armed Intruder
 Violent Incident

Why should you care?
 Physical and immediate consequences
 Sometimes was intended merely as a prank
 Arrest and serious injury can result
 Reduce risk by sharing your location only with trusted individuals, and share vacation photos only after you’ve returned safely home

Tip - Your location is embedded as metadata in every picture you take with your

What is Phishing and Why Should You Care?

During this Cybersecurity Awareness Month, today's blog answers the question, "What is Phishing and Why Should You Care?"


What is it?
Fake messages from a seemingly trusted or reputable source designed to convince you to…
 Reveal information
 Give unauthorized access to a system
 Click on a link
 Commit to a financial transaction

Why should you care?
 Extremely common
 Can have severe consequences
 Devil‘s in the details

Examples of Phishing include:

 Emails
 Text messages
 Phone calls
 Social media messages
and posts
 Suspicious hyperlinks

We've created some great resources and articles on how to stay cybersafe.