Educational Guide: 10 Apps You Didn’t Know You Had in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is full of awesome surprises waiting to be discovered. Wouldn’t it be great if someone wrote a guide to the best hidden apps in 365?

You're in luck!  We've prepared an easy-to-read guide for you this month, on the 10 Apps You Didn't Know You Had in Microsoft 365.

Please read and share with your teams and, as always, reach out to us with any questions you might have.

Weekly Tech Tip: Firewalls

Your firewall is the primary protection between your network and the Internet. Making sure you are protected is critical, and proper setup and maintenance of your firewalls is necessary.

Reach out to Fulcrum Group today to learn more about how firewalls can protect your organization.

Educational Guide: 9 Most Terrifying Types of Malware

All businesses, small and large and everything in between, are being attacked by cybercriminals every day.  Ensuring your organization is as shored up as it can be against cyberattacks is a critical focus for us at The Fulcrum Group, so we've prepared an easy-to-read guide on the 9 Most Terrifying Types of Malware for you.

Office 365 Micro Tech Tip: Getting The Most From Cortana’s Daily Briefing

Today, The Fulcrum Group is excited to premier our new Office 365 Micro Tech Tips! 

Our Office 365 Micro Tech Tip series features 3 minutes-or-less video tips on how to do cool stuff in Office 365, presented by a Fulcrum Group team member.  A few times a month, we'll share quick micro-servings of easily consumable, helpful information on how to get the most from Office 365.  Be on the lookout for these regularly - we hope you'll share them with your team, colleagues and others to enhance everyone's grasp of Office 365!

Without further adieu, here's today's Office 365 Micro Tech Tip: Getting The Most From Cortana's Daily Briefing.

Fulcrum Group LinkedIn “Ask The Expert” Virtual Event Key Takeaways

The Fulcrum Group's Fort Worth IT Professionals LInkedIn group recently hosted a special, virtual "Ask The Experts" Q&A event on Migrating To The Cloud, and we wanted to roundup a few key takeaways for you here.
Key Takeaways From "Ask The Experts" - Migrating To The Cloud

 Benefits of Moving to Cloud Services
- Allows you to work (access your resources) anywhere
- Freedom from dealing with IT equipment issues.

Tuesday Tip: Silencing Windows 10 Notifications with Focus Assist

Staying productive is challenging enough sometimes, whether you work remotely or are back in-office. While notifications are useful in some cases, sometimes you just want your computer to keep quiet. This is why Windows 10 includes the Focus assist feature, allowing you to block all or some notifications when you need to concentrate or share your screen with others.

Have you updated this iPhone Security Setting?

At Fulcrum Group, we feel it is important to regularly revisit security settings on all of your devices (not only work-related) as a general cybersecurity best practice. When your security is tight all over, you provide less opportunities all around for an inadvertent breach to occur.

Our Favorite Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that Windows 10 has MANY keyboard shortcuts?  Which ones do you use day to day?

Some of my favs I use daily include perhaps the most well-known:
Ctrl+X - Cut
Ctrl+C - Copy
Ctrl+Y - Paste

But also:
Ctrl+Z - Undo
Ctrl+Y - Redo
Ctrl+A - Select All

Alt+Tab - switch between open windows

F5 - Refresh the screen


the PrtScn button - take a screenshot of your whole screen and copy it to the clipboard

Go ahead and try some new ones from this article from Microsoft and you'll be commanding that keyboard like a tech-savvy teenager in no time!

FREE Cybersecurity Guide from The Fulcrum Group

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