High Tech Skills, Low Stress Support

Outsource your IT support to Fulcrum Group for improved performance and “no worry” computing. While many technology issues can be handled remotely, we complement our remote support tools with the personal touch of regular onsite visits, to better stay in sync with our clients and better uncover ways to improve the business.

You have plenty of concerns in your business. You manage people, communicate with clients and your team, have to manage cash flow, and somehow get through daily to-do lists. Why add technology management to the list?

The Fulcrum Group supplies experienced engineers locally to resolve your biggest issues and help your management team envision new ways of using technology in your organization. We are not just about fixing computer issues, but rather technology strategists aligning your business needs with technology requirements.

Our experts help make your business more agile and reliable. Systems work when you need them, you can scale up or scale down as business demands, your customer service levels improve AND you get explanations about technology to make better business decisions. Our SPOT program even includes vendor management, to make sure all your vendors and technologies play nice with each other. Wouldn’t you rather make just one call for any technology issue? Call The Fulcrum Group today to get a free quote on outsourcing your IT (and save you the headaches).

Your can reach our sales team at 817.337.0300 or e-mail us at info@fulcrumgroup.net.
Existing clients needing support please contact our Help Desk for technical support at 817.898.1277 or by e-mail at helpdesk@fulcrumgroup.net.


Our history and significance of our name

A business article I read on the nature of innovation asserted that the world has very few, truly new products, or major innovations in technology. The writer went on to say that in retrospect, many of the great corporate successes of the past hundred years were not due to new patents, but rather companies that took an old concept and implemented it in a different way. In other words, sometimes minor adjustments to existing technologies can uncover major performance improvements or help improve business processes (maybe create competitive advantage).

The name Fulcrum comes from the pivot point used with a lever, one of the six simple machines pulley, screw, wedge, wheel and axle, inclined plane and the lever. The simple machines make work easier.

We apply this “fulcrum concept” by seeking to truly understand our business clients and help organizations take standard technology and implement it in different ways to build them competitive advantages. Company founders David Johnson and Steve Meek have been business partners for over a decade. The co- owners first met each other at another consulting firm in 1995 (or the Novell days, as we call it). Their prior roles as top producers and visionaries led to a great friendship, a shared vision and eventually partners in business. Industry changes in 2001, and the desire to be more services oriented, led them to start The Fulcrum Group in early 2002 and incorporate later the same year.


Passing our core values to you

While experience and expertise are valuable, the Fulcrum Group still encourages our team to earn certifications in their fields of specialization. The company has engineers with certifications such as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and others. We also maintain vendor certifications with firms such as Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Vmware, EMC, Digium and others.

During regular team meetings, our organization decided on six core values to live by (which we refer to as “TIPLAW”):

  • Take personal ownership of self
  • Inspire client confidence
  • Plan, do, review
  • Look to future
  • Actively listen and communicate
  • Work as a team
As we continue to grow, we meet internally and discuss our own business practices, meet regularly with other industry professionals to understand trends and talk with other business owners, to understand constantly evolving challenges.