Weekly Tech Tip: Password Manager Risks?

What are the risks of password managers?

Have a guess how many passwords the average person needs to remember…It’s an astonishing EIGHTY passwords! It’s just not realistic asking someone to remember that many, is it?

That’s why we recommend you use a password manager.

Section 179 Updates for 2021

We hope you're familiar with the Section 179 page on our website.  We update it each year with relevant changes.  This year is unusual because, as we're all painfully aware of, significant issues with the technology supply chain means your benefits for 2021 might also be affected.

Weekly Tech Tip: Hacker’s Toolkit Videos

This is how easily your business can be hacked...

One of the greatest risks to your business these days is hackers trying to break into your IT systems. Thanks to automated tools, all businesses are being targeted by all hackers, all the time. They want to steal your data, your logins – or worse, hold your data ransom.

Weekly Tech Tip: Whaling Attacks

Imagine if your staff got an email they genuinely thought was from you, asking them to pay an urgent bill for a new supplier they’d never heard of before. Is there any risk they could pay it?

And, actually, that email wasn’t sent by you. It’s a specific kind of cybercrime called whaling, where criminals impersonate the boss.

Weekly Tech Tip: Microsoft 365 Project

Microsoft Project makes project management simple. 

If a lot of your work involves managing projects, there’s lots of software you can use to help you. In this week's video, we recommend some software that integrates well with the other 365 applications you already use.