Review: Apple’s New AirTags for Tracking Your Stuff

Have you seen Apple’s new AirTags to track where your stuff is? We can see them being handy on suitcases, keys and all sorts of things. Will you get any?

Here's a quick breakdown.
Should I buy an Apple AirTag?
Sure, if you:

Want clear directions to misplaced items
The Precision Finding feature makes it far easier to locate misplaced items than just listening for the sound of the AirTag, thanks to the on-screen directions and distance countdown, and it’s currently the only location tracker on the market that offers such a feature

Are concerned about privacy
Apple has embedded several privacy features into AirTags to ensure they can’t be misused; from having your iPhone or iPad alert you if an unknown AirTag is travelling around with you, to ensuring that you can’t set up an AirTag on behalf of anyone else.

Cybersecurity is Now Essential to Corporate Strategy

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the immediate transition to a remote work scenario for many businesses. This resulted in an increase in the importance of cybersecurity, resulting in cybersecurity becoming the foundation of business and brand.
What's behind cybersecurity's predominance?  Here are a few reasons:

We moved to an almost entirely remote life - many users working from home, and using their own devices.

Soon All Meetings in Microsoft Teams Will Be Recorded Automatically

Soon, Microsoft Teams will join other video conferencing platforms (such as Zoom) in automatically recording all meetings from the start of a call, a function that has been strangely absent until now.

How it will work

Meeting participants will see a warning displayed at the start of a call to alert them that the meeting is being recorded, with the recording set to be available to download and listen back to after the call has ended.

Tech Tip: Choose whether to let apps track you in iOS 14.5

You can now choose whether to let apps track you in iPhone’s iOS 14.5. And only 13% of people have said “yes."  Apple's app tracking transparency tool (ATT) makes apps seek permission from users before tracking their data across other apps or websites usually for advertising purposes.

Teams Update Makes It Easier to Share Content in Meetings

We love Teams, but it can be tricky to share files in meetings, can’t it? Lucky for us, Microsoft is making it a smoother process!

Here's a few key things to know:

Currently released for the Microsoft Teams desktop app now for users  on Windows 10 and macOS only
Update gives users a better UI when sharing their screen and content during  a conference call
Change in where the share tray is located, which is now housed at the top menu so it’s much easier for users  to access any files when needed
Change also brings the PowerPoint Live feature to this share tray as well, alongside the option to display a certain window when screen-sharing
If you have multiple monitors, you can also allow Teams to share just one screen, and there’s also the option to include your local PC sounds
The update is rolling out now, which you can manually check by going to your Microsoft Teams profile picture, then About > Check Updates.

Tech Tip: Android has a powerful document scanner for your phone

You don’t need a proper scanner anymore. Android’s just introduced a really powerful document scanner for your phone. Created by Google's DocAI team, the experimental project Stack hopes to soon become the most useful document scanning app, borrowing enterprise technology tools to help sort and organize personal documents.

Quick Video: Let Us Help With Cybersecurity

You protect your business with security such as alarms, locks, and cameras. You should protect your business's IT assets with cybersecurity as well.

If you have one extra minute during your day, check out this video from The Fulcrum Group Youtube Channel and see the 4 ways we recommend to help tighten down your organization's data security.

Post Covid-19 Vaccine Scams To Be Aware Of

Health Departments and consumer protection agencies are warning about fraudsters posing as individuals conducting surveys or post-vaccine evaluations to try to acquire your sensitive or credit card information.

Here are a couple of key signs to be aware of that could mean you're being scammed:

A survey asking for highly sensitive, or financial information
An evaluation offering gifts and/or prizes for your feedback

Remember not to post a picture of your vaccination card on social media.

Email Phishing Simulation – What Not To Do

A British railway firm has been criticized (and rightly so) for sending out an email phishing simulation test that ended up eroding employee trust in the company.

The firm sent out an email phishing simulation to employees telling them that would get a financial reward for their "hard work" during the pandemic.