Tips & Tricks: Track Tasks With Microsoft Planner

Do you use Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Planner? Both are great tools that integrate to create efficiency in your team, manage projects, and increase collaboration, all in one place. This month’s Fulcrum Group Tips & Tricks focused on tracking tasks using Microsoft Planner and how you can utilize it for your team.

Microsoft Planner, also known as Tasks by Planner in Microsoft Teams, is a great application to keep up with day to day to-dos, as well as future projects. Once you create a team you can add a tab at the top of your chat and add an existing plan – or start from scratch, to begin planning!

Planner is a great way to track tasks within your “Teams” department group – assign tasks to your teammates, set due dates, prioritize tasks by changing them from low to urgent status. See the progress of all of your tasks and ongoing projects with a click of a button. There are so many things you can do!

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