Difficult Times for New Managers – 5 Strategies to Thrive

June 25th, 2020

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While lots of general advice circulates about how to manage remote teams during Covid-19, it tends to ignore advice tailored specifically for new managers.

Whereas seasoned managers may already intimately know the working styles of their teams, new managers might not know their team members interpersonally very well, and don’t have their years of management experience to rely on.

Cut your IT costs by investing in thin and zero clients

June 24th, 2020

Cutting costs is great for business, but only if doing so does not result in lower-quality products or services. You can achieve this kind of compromise in your IT system, too. Instead of investing in expensive computer hardware, you can opt for affordable but powerful thin and zero clients.

Empower your business with Microsoft 365

June 19th, 2020

Microsoft 365 isn’t just a new name for the tech giant’s old product Office 365. The new software comes with chock-full of tools that will empower employees, protect data, and provide business leaders with comprehensive oversight and control. Check out its features below.

How to Ensure Your Business is Ready for the New Normal

June 17th, 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic punched the world in the gut, putting much of the population in the unfamiliar position of dealing with particularly unprecedented challenges. The "new normal" we face will include a drastically transformed business landscape.

What you need to know about HTTPS

June 17th, 2020

Most people don’t question the padlock icon that sometimes appears in their web browser’s address bar. If you’re one of those who didn’t know, it’s a security feature that authenticates websites and protects the information users submit to them.

How MSPs are helping businesses navigate the challenges of COVID-19

June 15th, 2020

IT services are more critical than ever before, proving their value in the face of a health crisis and the abrupt shift to remote working. Here are some ways managed IT services providers (MSPs) are helping small companies leverage technology to support their remote teams and go about business as usual.

The Key to Inclusive Leadership

June 11th, 2020

What makes people feel included in organizations? Feel that they are treated fairly and respectfully, are valued and belong? Along with the organization’s mission, policies, and practices, and co-worker behaviors, it also comes down to leaders.

New Android malware detected!

June 10th, 2020

If you have an Android device, be careful! An exceptionally dangerous Android malware known as DEFENSOR ID is currently making the rounds in the Google Play Store. The malware exploits the Accessibility Services in an Android device to evade detection by traditional security measures.