Top Habits of Highly Productive Remote Workers

Although I have worked from home off and on for the last few
years, I wasn’t the expert that I thought I was.  Turns out that working
from home for an extended period of time is a lot harder than I thought. 
That first day, interruptions included barking dogs, sirens, mowers, and a neighbor
knocking on the door asking for assistance.

Working at Home with Switchvox VOIP

Many of Fulcrum Group’s clients already have a Switchvox PBX, implemented either on-premises on in the cloud.  For those you not familiar with Switchvox PBX, it’s a full featured Unified Communications system with a slew of advanced features such as remote phones/mobility, call center, call recording, and more.

Cloud services in demand due to pandemic

Providers of cloud-based services are experiencing a steep increase in demand these days, as the COVID-19 pandemic goes global. Because of the pandemic, many employees are working from home, relying on digital productivity and collaboration tools to get their job done. What does this mean for all of us? Even before the pandemic, many companies […]

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Small businesses need new communication tools to help during
these unprecedented times.  Microsoft calls Teams the hub for teamwork in
Office 365.  Chat from anywhere.  Meet from anywhere.  Call from

How businesses are impacted by COVID-19

Businesses and consumers are facing a lot of uncertainty because of the coronavirus pandemic. As COVID-19 continues to spread, the only thing that seems certain is that it will impact businesses, particularly the way they operate and use technology. Increased reliance on communications technology The need for remote interactions and stronger communications technology will inevitably […]

Top Threats for Working From Home

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Working from Home has
become the new normal.  While Working from
Home allows businesses to continue to operate, it also has its downside. 
Below are the top threats for Working from Home.

Cybersecurity – Working from Home brings a whole slew of cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity Tips for Working From Home

Many businesses and organizations are implementing Work from
Home strategies as a result of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic.  With
the technologies available today, Work from Home is more realistic than
ever.  However, there are a number of additional cybersecurity risks that
employees and employers need to be aware of.

Autocomplete password risks

Web browsers come with features to improve user experience. One of the most popular ones is auto-fill passwords. These are designed for users to store and automatically use their account credentials to access websites and other applications. While auto-fill passwords are convenient, they come with security risks. Read more. Why auto-fill passwords are so dangerous […]