Interesting HIPAA Facts

HIPAA Graphic

Some interesting facts about HIPAA:

  • HIPAA stands for “The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act” enacted in 1996.
  • The average fine for a HIPAA violation is $1,500,000.
  • Some PHI identifiers you may not have thought of include: vehicle identifiers, IP address, web URLs.
  • Your Protected Health Information (PHI) is protected for FIFTY YEARS after you die!
  • If you’re doing a SECURITY RISK ASSESSMENT you are only addressing 1/3 of 1 rule!
  • 94% of healthcare organizations FAIL their audit because they did not have an effective compliance program.
  • Current enforcement rate for healthcare is up 400%.
  • A MINOR breach affects fewer than 500 individuals; a MEANINGFUL breach affects more than 500 individuals. All meaningful breaches reported to HHS are posted on the Wall of Shame.