Security Alert: Cloak and Dagger Android

May 30th, 2017

Security Alert:  Android "Cloak & Dagger" Vulnerability Uncovered
"Cloak and dagger" is a new kind of vulnerability affecting Android mobile devices (including the latest Android version, 7.1.2).  The vulnerability was discovered by computer scientists at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Security Alert: NSA’s Windows RDP Exploit Remains Unpatched

May 26th, 2017

Brace yourself for a potential 2nd wave of malware/ransomware attacks, as Windows SMB wasn't the only network protocol whose zero-day exploits created by exposed by the Shadow Brokers.

Microsoft released patches for the Windows SMB flaws for supported versions of Windows back in March, and then unsupported versions of Windows immediately after the outbreak of Wannacry ransomware.

Security Alert: What You Can Do Today About WannaCry Ransomware

May 15th, 2017

We want our clients to know there are steps we can all take to help prevent the WannaCry Ransomware (and all forms of targeted maliciousness) from affecting your business environment.  Below, we're sharing the notice we received from the Department of Homeland Security National Cyber Awareness System this morning, on this latest discovered attack, and highlighted right here are reminders of some ways you can help stay secure right now:

Cyber Security Tip:  Paying the ransom does not guarantee the encrypted files will be released; it only guarantees that the malicious actors receive the victim’s money, and in some cases, their banking information.

Good Intentions OK. Documented, Repeatable Processes Better!

May 10th, 2017

Contributed by Robert Curtis

How many employees do you know that say to themselves, “I am going to go into work today and make a mess of things.” Hopefully, none!  Most everybody has good intentions to do the best job possible based upon what they've been empowered with and trained to do.