Back To School: A Few Quick-Hit Cyber Safety Topics for Kids

August 25th, 2015

For many of us here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the kids are heading back to school this week and it's more important than ever to remember to talk to them about good online citizenship before they return to the classroom.  Those of us with tweens and teenagers know that social media sites like Twitter, SnapChat (and more than enough others) are often favorite "hangouts" - during school, after school, and long into the night in many cases  Here's a few helpful cyber safety hints on plotting out a good start to the new school year:

Don't let social media rule your every second.

Fulcrum Group Win 10 Review, by Tyson Rasanen

August 19th, 2015

Tyson Rasanen, Fulcrum Group’s Renewals Specialist and team member you’re highly likely to speak to on the phone when you call, has some words of wisdom and general commentary for you, after his recent upgrade to Windows 10.

Regarding who is eligible for the free upgrade and who isn’t, Tyson observes, “if you have Windows Enterprise you won’t (and can’t) be upgraded for free but if you use Windows Pro you CAN upgrade for free…and.