Take these things into consideration before deploying VoIP

February 25th, 2015

In recent white papers, and in our latest newsletter, we’ve discussed how VoIP offers many advantages over traditional phone systems.  However, VoIP must be carefully considered and implemented to gain the most value.  A solid understanding of long-term goals of your company also comes into play.

Friday Fun: Fulcrum Group Employee “Bring In Your Old Technology” Contest

February 20th, 2015

Our February newsletter featured yet another reminder on Windows Server 2003's End of Life in July, as well as other technology updates we hope you're considering.  Our upcoming white paper (coming your way early next week), expands on those topics.  With these topics on our collective Fulcrum brain, we thought we'd invite a little competition into this month's company meeting by asking employees to bring in their oldest technology this morning, for our mad gawking pleasure!

David Holliman was our winner, with his museum-worthy collection!  We hope you enjoy.