Old iPhone? Microsoft will give you $200

October 31st, 2013

Microsoft and Apple have long been rivals. Now Microsoft is chasing after consumers who already have iPhones, offering them a $200 trade-in if they bring in gently used iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 phones to a Microsoft store, as outlined by a recent story by CJ Arlotta for MSPmentor.

Looking for the best portable hard drive? Here’s a suggestion

October 30th, 2013

Choosing the right portable hard drive for your computer may seem like a challenge. Not surprisingly, there are lots of models available, all promising speed, storage space and reliability. Which to choose? Seamus Bellamy, a writer for The Wirecutter, can help you.

Why Microsoft two-step verification is a must

October 28th, 2013

Want to protect your online accounts from hackers? Try two-step verification. Under such a system, you first log onto your accounts with a traditional password. But that’s just the first step. You also need to enter a passcode or some other form of identification to finish the log-on process.

Spotlight on Fulcrum Employees…Tyson Rasanen and Ken Beard

October 25th, 2013

The Fulcrum Group is growing, and there’s no better time to shine the spotlight on some of our newest team members.

Above all, one of Tyson Rasanen’s defining qualities is his genuine eagerness to help people. We’re fortunate to have Tyson operating as our Renewals Specialist, helping customers track and keep up to date on their contracts and subscription renewals, purchasing issues and just lending a helpful hand or good advice whenever needed.

Slow Mac? System Lens can help

October 22nd, 2013

Is your Mac running slow? The free Mac app System Lens can help. Writer Matt Elliott with CNET recently wrote about this app which offers Mac users a list of all the apps they have running at any given time. Best of all? System Lens charts the amount of your Mac's resources each one of these apps is consuming.

Don’t fall for these tech myths

October 15th, 2013

Think you’re tech savvy? Well, you’ve probably fallen for more tech myths than you think. For instance, Mac computers aren’t really virus-proof and emptying your recycle bin doesn’t completely delete the files it once held. And even if you’re using private browsing you’re still not surfing the Internet anonymously.

Maybe those video games won’t rot your brain

October 10th, 2013

Maybe mom was wrong: Those video games might not rot your brain afterall. In fact, they could actually make our brains act younger. The New York Times recently ran a feature story highlighting research from brain scientists that suggests that certain video games can boost the power of our brains.

The work-time nap can make you a better employee

October 8th, 2013

Feeling rundown before the end of your workday? A power nap might be the ticket. Writer Melanie Pinola, in a recent feature for the Lifehacker Web site, covered the benefits that short naps can have for workers struggling to make it through the workday.

That old iPhone or iPad doesn’t have to be sluggish

October 3rd, 2013

Does your iPad routinely crash as you surf the Web? Does your iPhone battle to pull up videos and Web pages? Could be your device is getting old. And that often means sluggish performance. There is hope, though. Lifehacker writer Gordon Whitson in a recent feature presented several tips for owners trying to inject new life into their sluggish iPhone or iPad.

What features should all smartwatches have?

October 1st, 2013

Wearable tech is hot. And smartwatches are, too. But what should all of us consumers expect from smartwatches? What features are important?


Thomas Claburn, editor-at-large with InformationWeek, recently explored the issue, writing his own take on just what he considers the most significant features that smartwatches must have.