Why would businesses need an Xbox One?

Does your company need an Xbox One? Will the new gaming console make your office a more productive one?  Odd questions, since of course, the Xbox One is for gamers. But as PC World writer Christopher Null states in a recent story, Microsoft is pitching its new video-game console as a business tool as well as a gaming system.

Tackling the most vexing printer problems

We all want to give our printers a good kick from time to time. How many times do you hit the “print” button and then watch as your printer sits quietly, ruining your day and your productiveness? Luckily for us, PCMag writer Tony Hoffman understands your pain.

What matters most? Quantity or quality?

It’s always been a difficult tug-of-war: You want your business to thrive. But do you do it by putting out as many goods and services as you can, or do you instead emphasize quality, producing a smaller number of items while doing so? ITWorld writer Matthew Mombrea takes up this debate in a recent column.

Which smart phone should you buy? Who cares?

Content contributed by:  Tyson Rasanen, The Fulcrum Group Renewals Specialist

The type of phone you choose can make a world of difference in how you operate.  Here are a couple of different phone “types” to consider, along with some pluses and minuses of each.

Tired of your screen? It’s time for new wallpaper

How long have you been staring at the same desktop wallpaper? If it's been years, it could be time for upgrading. Luckily, the writers at the lifehacker Web site have listed some of the best places online to find free desktop wallpapers. Read the list so that you'll have no excuse for having a dull desktop.