Tips To Reduce Desktop Clutter

December 21st, 2012

Clutter can build up on your desk rapidly. It can get in the way of your work if you need to move papers simply to reach your mouse. What about beneath your desk

Features to Pay Attention to When Laptop Hunting

December 19th, 2012

Do you know what to look for when you are purchasing a new laptop? A writer for the New York Times, Sam Grobart, recently wrote an article that gives some tips. Some of the suggestions he gives may surprise you.

The Digital Age of Medicine

December 14th, 2012

Everything is going digital nowadays, even medical records. Last time that you were at the doctor did they pull out an envelope to gain access to your health records? Or did your doctor pull it up on some type of computer

Options If You Want Live Chat On Your Website

December 12th, 2012

If you want a simple way for customers to get a hold of you, live chat is definitely worth looking into. With it, your clients can go right to your website and chat directly with an individual to get their questions answered.

11 Reasons Why Digium’s Switchvox Is A Great Communications Solution For SMBs

December 10th, 2012


If the thought of designing your own perfect phone system appeals to you, but you don't want to be overwhelmed by an endless "a la carte" menu of features and pricing, consider Digium's unified communications solution, Switchvox.

Switchvox - What is it?
Switchvox is a PBX VoIP appliance that is installed on-site or in a Cloud data center using SIP trunking.

Holograms: Will Apple Do It Right

December 7th, 2012

Remember when tablet computers seemed like the stuff of science fiction? Or how about smart phones? There was a time when phones that let you surf the Web and send e-mail messages seemed like the technology of the future

Make Transitioning To Windows 8 Easier

December 5th, 2012

Windows 8 has already made a splash in the tech world. The new operating system from Microsoft looks enormously different than any system that came before. The reviews so far have been mostly kind.