Windows 8: A Few Neat Features

The new version of Microsoft Windows, Windows 8, only recently hit the market. And the tech press have already combed through the software. That’s great news for you: The editors at computing publications across the Internet have already given Windows 8 a test drive

Improve Your Productivity With These Chrome Extensions

When we work on a computer all day we are likely to take breaks and visit humorous sites like The Chive, or news sites like CNN. It can be healthy to take breaks, but if you find that you’re visiting them very frequently, this could be seriously affecting your productivity. If you work in Chrome a lot, there are some extensions you can use to assist you with your productivity

Is Your Network Monitoring System Catching Everything?

Our company has tried and used many of the leading network management tools that are on the market. We’ve had to switch vendors a few times, either because of service and support issues, or product functionality. One of the biggest issues we see tends to be something that gathers event logs and trending from servers, but also SNMP information from devices and can generate reports on this information.