Is It Time For An IT Reality Check?

Your PC might be giving you a rebel yell.
Most business people I run into are very aware that their personal computers literally have a life of their own. Like kids wrestling for their independence, the older our technology gets the more prone it is to rebel which sometimes takes the form of a general decline in machine performance, increase in the frequency of crashes and frozen screens.

Bump: Transfer Files With Ease

Thanks to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, sharing pictures and info has become easier than ever. Still, people are trying to find even more convenient ways to share stuff. In response to this demand, iTunes now offers the Bump app.

Technology is Constantly Evolving: Evolve With it

Remember when you were a kid and you were impressed that the graphics on your Atari 64 looked so out-of-date when Mattel introduced its Intellivision video game system? Then remember how dumbfounded you were when newer systems like the ColecoVision made the Intellivision appear as if it belonged in the gaming world equivalent of the Stone Age?

Small Business Tip: 3 Apps to Manage Employees

It is very tough to start a business; for this reason a lot of start-ups fail in the first couple of years. So make managing your employees easier by using some of the many apps that are available on the market to help you. The following three apps are some of the best to boost productivity and manage your employees