Google Glasses: Hands-Free Connectivity

Many people spend their days with their heads down looking at their devices. Google hopes to pick our heads up and still permit us to be constantly connected. Enter Project Glass; this is Google’s recent project that let’s users have their data projected before their eyes, you might have heard it called Google glasses

The Best Online Music-Streaming Services

Thanks to the Internet, most people pay their bills, seek out entertainment, and get their news on-line. So it is not surprising that music streaming is as popular as it is. Many people stream their music and there are many music-streaming services to choose from.

The Kinect: Inspiring Innovation

When was the last time we saw a Windows product which captured the essence of “cool”? Before recently it had been a while, but when Microsoft made the Kinect for Windows that all changed. The Kinect is a motion and voice-sensing device that was initially developed for the Xbox gaming console

Alternatives to Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a fantastic photo manipulation tool. With it, businesses can produce professional looking marketing materials quite easily. The largest issue with Photoshop is the cost.