Improving Battery Technology

Have you ever needed your smartphone only to find that the battery has died and you’re nowhere near an outlet? It’s irritating, but in a couple of years, it could be a thing of the past. A Better Battery on the Way

Exploring Bing

When searching for something on the Internet, most people automatically go to Google. We even use it as a verb when we “Google” something.

5 Smartphone Apps That Save Time

You are a busy person; you actually are always focusing on several projects and trying to hit deadlines.  It’s tough enough to find the time to fit a visit to the gym in, let alone play games on your smartphone. You would like smartphone apps that will save you time, not waste it, but you don’t have time to search for them. Well, you are in luck; below is a list of 5 smartphone apps that can actually simplify your life.

Step Up Your Game in Excel

You may wish to impress your boss because you want a promotion, or a raise, or you just want to stand out from the crowd. No matter the purpose, the first question is how? Why not look into Excel?