Under-the-Radar Gadget Gifts

As the holidays quickly approach, advertisers appear to be pushing smartphones and tablets as the only tech gifts available this season. However, there are thousands of other good high-tech gift ideas that will make that tech savvy relative happy without breaking the bank, and many of these are flying below the shopping radar. Some are great for the eco-conscious, some are great for that inner geek in all of us, and some are even perfect for those lucky ones who already own a smartphone and tablet

Will new technologies affect the way we shop this holiday season?

While many shoppers won’t be battling the crowds this year by buying all of their gifts online, many more will be in line waiting around for the doors to open. Armed with their smartphones and tablets, customers will be using apps which offer up great gift ideas, ways to comparison-shop, as well as opportunities to buy online while in the store

Help Your IT Department: Help Yourself

It is a given that you will need to get some assistance from your IT service provider at some point.  However, it is hard for them sometimes to help you because of their busy schedule, trying to solve a lot of people’s difficult problems.  When seeking IT support, know that they cannot read your mind, and it’ll help them solve your problem if you are able to offer as much detailed information as possible in the initial request.  Here are some tips to make the process more streamlined for both of you.

Why Online Presence is the New Face of Business

The face of business has turned online the past few years. There used to be less competition for business and getting your name out was straightforward, hire an ad agency or go door to door introducing your business. Now the number of business that offer similar goods and services is overwelming and it’s easy to get lost amongst them

The Connectivity of Devices

The world is becoming more connected. When we say this, we don’t just mean as individuals. Our devices are becoming more connected to each other as well. This makes our everyday life easier by adding seamlessness to our day that wasn’t present before.

Back to the Future Tech: Is 2011 more like 1955?

In 1985’s Back to the Future, we travel through time with Marty McFly in a nuclear-powered DeLorean. Marty can do what man has desired to do since the beginning of time: control his destiny. In the first movie, Marty goes back to the past to save his parent’s marriage, and consequently his existence.