Why the way we get information is changing

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are traditionally considered connected devices, because each device connects to and interacts with the Internet. However, HDTVs, Blu-ray players and gaming consoles are also connected products, as a high percentage of their functionality performs on the Internet.

Censoring Technology: The pros and cons

As a species we are connected. Our access to information is growing exponentially. Many authorities and governments around the world have concerns about what this access could mean for the people in their countries. These concerns cause them to censor the levels of communication that people have or cut them off completely if they feel the risk is too great.

Anonymity on the Web

You may have noticed some issues with picking pseudonyms if you were an early user of Google .  Social media sites have, traditionally, allowed users to create accounts with fake names. Google’s decision to remove anonymity has had made some users upset.

What to do when your email has been hacked

We are all familiar with finding annoying spam messages in our e-mail inbox, labeled by subject lines offering cheap Rolex watches or urgent cries for help from friends mysteriously trapped in Europe. But what do you do when the tables are turned and it’s your friends who are receiving spam messages from your personal e-mail account? When this happens, it means your e-mail has been hacked.

Methods to Spot a Good App

What makes a good app? In short, it’s all about value. Apps like the Urban Spoon are useful because they offer excellent service in a market that has high demand, while apps like Angry Birds are successful because they are intuitive and just really fun.

How Far DOS Has Come

Remember DOS, with its black screen and blinking cursor eagerly waiting for your command. The Disk Operation System (DOS) celebrated its 30th anniversary a week ago. DOS has arguably been the most significant OS of all time and in honor of it turning thirty, I would like to reflect on where it has come from and where it is going.

How technology can cool you down

Gadgets, for the most part, are designed to make our lives easier. We have smartphones to keep us entertained, tablets to keep us connected, and even digital blood monitors to help keep us healthy. But are there devices out there that are designed to help keep us cool? Moderating body heat is an essential part of staying comfortable and thankfully, technology has worked to make that moderation more manageable.