What is a QR Code

We’ve all seen the odd black squares that are constantly being photographed by smartphone users. They’re called QR codes, an innovative re-imagining of barcode technology. Originally used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing, these codes are now used in a much broader context. The use of QR codes is even finding new life in creative business ventures and interactive advertising.

What is a QR Code?

    A QR, or Quick Response code, is a unique matrix barcode which is readable by specialized scanners and, more popularly, smartphones. Because QR codes are two-dimensional constructs, they can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters of information much like the traditional barcode found on most purchased products. They are useful tools for business due to their potential to hold large amounts of easily translatable information.

    When you scan or read a QR code with your smartphone, the code links you to web-enabled digital content. Much like when a barcode is scanned to generate the price of a certain item in a food store, in a much more complex way, when a QR code is scanned, even greater amounts of information can then be generated.

How are QR codes used in Business?

    Making a QR code is easy. It’s a simple process of entering the appropriate data into a QR generator. There are several free versions of this code online, if you’d like to check one out try using the Kaywa generator.

    After you’ve created your QR code, you can print it on business cards, posters, billboards, or distribute it on the web. After the code is available, potential customers are able to scan the code with their phone and then access whatever information you would like them to see.

Why it works

    Creating a QR code is a unique way of creating an interactive ad campaign. You give the mysterious code to the audience; the audience deciphers the code and is then rewarded with the information you’ve coded. It adds value to that information by making it a fun activity. Though QR codes are still new to America, they have been a popular way of creating brand loyalty in Japan for more than a decade. If you’re looking to generate a conversation with your prospects, think about using this innovative device.