Weekly Tech Tip: Protecting Your Smartphone

Malware and other cybersecurity threats such as phishing can harm your smartphone. Watch this video for tips on protecting your smartphone.

Reach out to Fulcrum Group today to learn more about how your cyber threats to your devices can compromise you and/or your business.

Weekly Tech Tip: End User Security Awareness Training

End users continue to be the weakest link in your cybersecurity. End User Security Awareness Training can help your end users avoid phishing and other attacks.

Reach out to Fulcrum Group today to learn more about how End User Security Awareness Training is a necessary tool to protecting your organization.

Weekly Tech Tip: Firewalls

Your firewall is the primary protection between your network and the Internet. Making sure you are protected is critical, and proper setup and maintenance of your firewalls is necessary.

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2020 Phishing Benchmark Global Report

Anyone working in cybersecurity, technology, or business leadership roles knows that the stakes around safeguarding confidential data have never been higher. Many organizations are shifting how they work, with remote work and other considerations lessening the impact of your average technical safety nets.

Educational Guide: 9 Most Terrifying Types of Malware

All businesses, small and large and everything in between, are being attacked by cybercriminals every day.  Ensuring your organization is as shored up as it can be against cyberattacks is a critical focus for us at The Fulcrum Group, so we've prepared an easy-to-read guide on the 9 Most Terrifying Types of Malware for you.

Fulcrum Group Local Government Cybersecurity Best Practices Virtual Lunch & Learn

If you missed this week's virtual Lunch & Learn event on Cybersecurity Best Practices for local government, we've got it right here for you!

Fulcrum Group and leader in cybersecurity operations, Arctic Wolf teamed up for this event, covering information on the following topics - check out our YouTube channel for the event in its entirety!

Real-world cybersecurity incident analysis
What's At Risk?
Challenges specific to your cybersecurity
Cybersecurity basics and advanced practices
Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Public Safety Minimum Requirements - starting points
Discussion with Jim Johnson of Arctic Wolf ("Breach Lessons Learned" - real world cybersecurity analysis)

And, as always, reach out if you have questions!

Weekly Tech Tip: Password Managers

Password managers solve an important security problem for businesses.
3 ways password managers can improve your team's productivity & Security:

Auto login gives your team fast access to sites and services.
Stronger password generation - they can provide suggestions for stronger passwords that can help prevent future attacks, improving your business security.

Cybersecurity is Now Essential to Corporate Strategy

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the immediate transition to a remote work scenario for many businesses. This resulted in an increase in the importance of cybersecurity, resulting in cybersecurity becoming the foundation of business and brand.
What's behind cybersecurity's predominance?  Here are a few reasons:

We moved to an almost entirely remote life - many users working from home, and using their own devices.

Quick Video: Let Us Help With Cybersecurity

You protect your business with security such as alarms, locks, and cameras. You should protect your business's IT assets with cybersecurity as well.

If you have one extra minute during your day, check out this video from The Fulcrum Group Youtube Channel and see the 4 ways we recommend to help tighten down your organization's data security.