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When it comes to the Internet and voice carrier services available to DFW- based small to medium businesses, the number of options can be daunting to consider.The Fulcrum Group is an agent and broker for literally dozens of telecom carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, Cbeyond, TW Cable, Telepacific, Windstream, Charter, and TW Telecom, among others.  Our relationships with multiple carriers means that we can easily obtain multiple proposals for telecom carrier services, all at no charge to you with our Telecom Carrier Services.

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Making Telecom Easier

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Our Fulcrum – People, Processes, & Technology

At The Fulcrum Group, we recognize that when it comes to telecom carrier services, it is important that we have a great team of people, reliable, documented structured processes and the business and technology tools needed to best manage our own offerings.  Many of our competitors have proven weak in one or more of these areas.  They might have great people, but struggle with standardized processes or lack the business and technical tools to efficiently run their own businesses.


The Fulcrum Group customizes our telecom carrier offerings to the needs and requirements of each customer.  We provide more than just telecom carrier services – we also provide telecom strategy, ensuring that your phone system and telecom carrier services are aligned with your business processes.


We believe that consistency in execution is key to The Fulcrum Group’s ability to provide excellent customer service across our entire customer base.  We compile competitive proposal summaries for each customer, utilize Best Practices from our carrier partners, document “Lessons Learned” from completed projects, and for our SPOT Managed VOIP customers, use our Semi-Annual Business Review process to ensure that your VOIP system is consistently aligned with your business processes.


The Fulcrum Group has invested time, money, and resources into implementing business and technical tools to help manage our customers’ environments.  Our SPOT Network Monitoring platform allows us to proactively monitor and report on our customers’ VOIP systems.  Our warranty/contract tracking system allows us to track our customers’ telecom contracts, notifying you when your contract is due for renewal.


What’s In It For You?

Telecom Carrier Services

The Fulcrum Group’s telecom carrier services allows our customers to have a “one stop shop” approach to all of your IT and telecom needs.

Charter   Telepacific

Common Telecom Services

  • Internet Services (DSL, Cable, T-1, Wireless, and Fiber, with speeds ranging from T-1 to Gigabit)
  • Voice Services (Analog, SIP, and T-1 PRI, local and long distance packages, DIDs, toll free)
  • Integrated Voice/Data Services (voice and Internet over a single connection)
  • Private WAN Services (MPLS, Ethernet VPN, and Point to Point)
  • Cloud Services (co-location, hosting)

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