“The text system you installed for us last month is working out beautifully.   It’s easy to install and use.  Several of our customer service people say it saves them 15 to 30 minutes each day. Thank you!”

 Ed with RigData, Fort Worth, Texas

Your customers want to text your business… Let them!

  • Millions of people send Billions of text messages every day.
  • A rapidly growing number of them would rather text than talk about routine things.
  • Until very recently, businesses were excluded from the conversation.
  • Now, we can help your business join the conversation.

The Fulcrum Group & Text Box

True two-way texting from the comfort of your computer using your existing business telephone number.

 Text Box

Instant Notifications & Communication

Texts can be received through virtually any connected device from anywhere. Multiple users can be notified simultaneously of new texts received.  You can immediately respond to answer questions, solve problems, and even thank customers for their praises.

TextBox unlocks the hidden value and potential of your existing telephone number by allowing your business to join the text conversation


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