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Are these thoughts keeping you up at night?:

“I think my IT guy's job searching”
“I don't want to spend so much time on IT issues”
“We don't really talk about cybersecurity internally”
“I'm tired of dealing with interruptions from my staff”
“I just want IT to work”
“We need people to work remote, easier”
“We are growing and need a technology roadmap”
“I can't seem to get a hold of our IT person/provider”
“I read ransomware news articles and worry”
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Tired of your IT just not working?

Are you losing sleep worrying about a cyberattack? Wish you had a technology roadmap so you could see where your IT is headed? Frustrated that IT support always seems reactive and never proactive?

We get it. IT support that sucks can be a huge drain on your team’s morale and leave as a business owner with increased cybersecurity risk.

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Day to day IT support that delivers better IT results

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What is SPOT

“Single Point of

Star Power

Align Technology with
Business Requirements

SPOT Platform

Patching, End Point Protection, Monitoring & Alerting, Remote Control, Ticketing, Security Awareness Training

Vendor Liaison

Warranties, Vendor Liaison

Reactive Support

Unlimited On-Site Support, Service Desk Phone Support 6 am to 6 pm Mon-Fri

Proactive STAR Visit

Standards Checklist, Business Alignment Score Card


Online IT Documentation Portal, SOPs

CIO Strategy

QRSs, Tech Roadmaps, Budgets, CIO Consulting

Proactive Support Reduces Cyber Risk

Don't Take Our Word for It

Read Our Rave Reviews!

Eliminate Tech Management Headaches with The Fulcrum Group

Gain control of your environment

You can stop worrying about what you don’t know

Run your business with confidence

You can feel at ease knowing you’ve reduced major risks and interruptions

Get more done

You and your team can operate more efficiently

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The Fulcrum Group Makes Running Your Network Easier

With a no-hassle approach, our SPOT Managed IT Services is the outsourcing solution that leads to technology success. With our proactive efforts, security, and future planning, you’ll have certainty about the direction of your technology. You can count on having a predictable budget with Spot’s simple per-user pricing, regardless of endpoints.
STAR Power the Proven Process

We know how hard it is for a small business to manage it all

Technology moves faster than most small businesses can manage on their own. Without the right support in place, you run the risk of leaving critical processes left unattended, such as security and compliance. We understand the stress small businesses face to keep up and the expectation to be an expert in everything. It can put a great deal of pressure on daily operations and prevent you from the success you’re working hard to achieve.

With over 18 years in business, we’ve seen and managed almost every technical challenge a business will face. Our in-house security expertise, standards-based approach, and certifications around key technologies such as Cloud, Cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things has led us to create a proven process that we’ve used to deliver Technology Success to hundreds of businesses.


The Fulcrum Group
20+ years history of delivering better IT results to our clients

We deliver better, more predictable IT results to our hundreds of clients, whether its day to day IT support, IT projects, or cloud services. Our team has certified technicians, and we only work with the best vendors in the IT sector today.


Here’s How You Can get Your Technology Environment Under Control

Schedule an Appointment to Discuss Results

A Fulcrum Group Fractional CIO will come on site to discuss your business and how you can get better results from technology.

Get a Technology Success Plan

Once we know your IT needs and goals, we’ll give you our proven plan and process for aligning technology to your business goals, while giving you time back to focus on your business.

Grow your business with a Tech Success Partner

You breathe easy as your IT runs efficiently with our SPOT Managed IT Services, freeing you up to keep driving your business strategy forward.

Within a few minutes, we’ll send an invite to meet!
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Proper technology systems support means better business!

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