Voicemail to Text Transcription Service

A cloud hosted voicemail-to-text conversation service for busy individuals, small businesses, and enterprise users.

Imagine a service that would receive your voicemail messages and then send them back to you as text — accurately, every time.

What if it would integrate it with every modern phone service and modern business phone system available, so you could choose whatever hardware you wanted and it just worked?  What if typical users only paid $9 a month?  Oh by the way, the transcription is extremely accurate — there is nothing else out there that’s more accurate (trust us, we’ve looked).

The Fulcrum Group Can Provide You With Voicemail to Text

“Voicemail is such a pain!”

People still use voicemail.  It’s a business standard that is often more convenient — well, more convenient for the person sending the message anyway.  For those that receive voicemail, it has gone from being a time-saver to become a time-burden.

  • Time needed to leave a voicemail message.45%
  • Time needed to listen to a voicemail message.85%
  • Time needed to read an e-mail message.10%

How much time could you save?

Read your voicemail.

Who uses it?

For the past 10 years, we grown to a large number of customers that have found our transcription application useful for traditional voicemail as well as other unique applications.

Here are just a few customer application examples:

  • Busy individuals
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Salesforce.com/Sales People
  • Student Absence Line
  • Zendesk/Help Desk Integration
  • Lawn Care Companies
  • Snow Removal Business
  • Lost and Found Hotline
  • Field Employee Check in/Check out
  • Anonymous Compliance Tip Line
  • Job Interview Screening
  • Customer Feedback
  • Customer Survey

How does it work?

Better by design.

There is no secret to high accuracy — it’s human intelligence.  We use absolutely no speech recognition or automation technology because, quite frankly, it doesn’t always work.

We’ve all been there as we scream words to speech systems, so frustrated they do not understand us properly!  The English language is a complex tool with subtle nuance and many different local accents.  Also, telephones are not perfect and voice messages occasionally drop out mid-sentence.  With our solution, those are no concern as we intelligently understand the message in its context better than any machine.

No competition.

Amazingly, our TalkScribe service is not that much more expensive that our automated competitors.  With us, your message is handled with the utmost in privacy security compliance while delivering the industry’s highest level of accuracy.  In addition, our speed is quick and our quality is unmatched.  We have real people powering our technology.

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