SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services

No one thinks they are a target. Until they are.

Verizon’s latest Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) shares some great analysis about security facts and figures that are helpful to protect our organizations. Their research showed 61% of the 2016 victims were businesses with under 1,000 users.  That means many Dallas Fort Worth small businesses are a target.

That’s where SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services comes in. SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services is an add-on to your SPOT Managed IT Services agreement.

Making IT Security Easier

SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services adds layers of on-going IT security services to your SPOT Managed IT Services agreement.  We reduce the IT security risk for your organization so you can stay focused on doing what you do best – running your business. Our fixed price SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services ensure that all of your IT security needs are covered, and you’ll know exactly how much it costs each month.

Our Fulcrum – People, Processes, & Technology

At The Fulcrum Group, we recognize that when it comes to IT security, it is important that we have a great team of people, reliable, documented structured processes, and the business and technology tools needed to best manage our own offerings. Many of our competitors have proven weak in one or more of these areas. They might have great people, but struggle with standardized processes or lack the business and technical tools to efficiently run their own businesses.


The Fulcrum Group customizes our SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services add-on to the needs and requirements of each client. We provide more than just IT security assessments – we also provide IT policy development and updating, ensuring that IT security doesn’t impede your business goals. And with SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services, we provide you with IT security experts that most small businesses can’t afford.


We believe that consistency in execution is key to The Fulcrum Group’s ability to provide excellent customer service across our entire customer base. We help you develop and maintain your IT policies, including IT security.


The Fulcrum Group has invested time, money, and resources into implementing business and technical tools to help manage our customers’ IT security needs. Our SPOT Shield Breach Protection platform allows us to provide on-demand employee security training and tracking, plus simulated phishing attacks that test employee security awareness.

What’s In It For You?

Continuous Security Training

SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services includes unlimited employee security awareness training.  Ongoing employee security awareness training keeps IT security top of mind for your employees.

Simulated Phishing Attack Platform

SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services includes our simulated phishing attack platform so that you can test employees for IT security awareness.  You can track and report on employee actions, and if a simulated attack is successful, the employee is redirected immediately to additional training.

Dark Web Breach Assessment

SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services includes our Dark Web Breach Assessment, which scans the dark web looking for all accounts associated with your email domain. Once we find these accounts, we show you which accounts were found, and which breaches they were involved with. We then show you the level of risk to your organization. This information will open your eyes to the real risk to both your business and your employees.

Breach Protection Portal

SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services includes our Breach Protection Portal, which has a variety of tools available for your use.

  • On-demand employee security awareness training and tracking
  • IT Policies & Disaster Recovery Plan Tracking
  • Access to additional security document templates
  • Security Breach/Incident Tracking
  • Dark Web Breach Assessment
  • Optional Breach Protection and Response ($100K financial protection, plus breach response services such as breach forensics and credit monitoring)

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