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Have you considered all the IT and Telecom issues related to an office move that are necessary to avoid chaos and insure post move productivity?  Office Move help from The Fulcrum Group

As you may imagine, an office relocation is complex undertaking.  A well-planned office IT and Telecom relocation makes the difference between being fully operational and fully productive on the morning after your relocation; versus having chaos, angry customers, and frustrated staff, resulting in much downtime and lost revenue.

The Fulcrum Group is the Dallas/Fort Worth expert in planning all areas related to IT and telecom, associated with office relocation.  Here, we’ve put together some of the IT issues you’ll want to consider before you unplug your first workstation, to make that relocation ideal a reality:

  • Involve your IT service provider early on; they can be an invaluable resource for your office relocation planning.
  • Plan the design of the new space taking into account the space and power required to support your IT.
  • Determine who will be installing network and telephone cables.
  • Check availability of Internet and voice carrier services, preferably in advance of signing the lease for your new space.  And when you decide what services to order, make sure you place the order far enough in advance so that the services are active by the time you move in.
    Note: Fiber Optic Internet services often take 120 days to install.
  • Use the office relocation as a chance to evaluate your telephone system – an office move is the perfect time to upgrade to a state of the art VOIP telephone system.
  • Plan for any outages (or required service overlapping if you want to limit or avoid outages).
  • Evaluate your backup strategies and make sure that you have tested your backups prior to moving.
  • Determine if you are moving or replacing your IT equipment.
  • Have a contingency plan in case things don’t go as planned.

Your Fulcrum Group project manager will serve as your advocate regarding your IT and telecom during your office relocation, consulting with the contractors
and asking the right questions to make sure the contractors are doing the right thing before the work is done.

We’ll make sure all of the building trades are aligned with best practices from an IT standpoint, making sure that you have appropriate cabling, server room layout, power and cooling.


Services and solutions The Fulcrum Group offers to help with your office relocation:

The Fulcrum Group offers complete Office IT and Telecom Relocation Services to give you peace of mind during an office move.  Your employees can leave work at the close of business at your old office, arrive at work at the new location, and be fully productive and frustration-free on the first day at your new location!

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