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Our bi-weekly Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks video training sessions are still going strong - join us for the next session Thursday, September 17th at 2 p.m. What:  Fulcrum Group Bi-Weekly Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks When:  Every other Thursday 2:00 pm Description:  Every other Thursday we’ll have a 30 minute Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks meeting, sharing some of our favorite tips & tricks, using Microsoft Teams in your environment. Who is this for?  Fulcrum Group team members and Fulcrum Group clients’ team members Note:  You can view the volumes of recorded sessions that have been added to our Playlist from our Events page.  If interested in attending the next Teams Tips & Tricks meeting, reach out to to be added to the calendar appt of the next session.
Fulcrum Group Extraordinary Times Blog SeriesDuring this Coronavirus Pandemic, while we're learning to manage remote teams and implementing new best practices and managing various life challenges along with work, always feel free to check in with our extra-helpful Extraordinary Times blog series, for great, useable-now tips, sanity-savers and life and work hacks. These include some great strategies to use yourself and/or pass on to colleagues. 
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Using Leasing & Section 179 Benefits to Pay for Needed Upgrades

Using Leasing & Section 179 Benefits to Pay for Needed Technology Upgrades

If you’re like most small businesses, you still have technology upgrades to complete, even during a pandemic. You might still have End of Life Windows 7 PCs, Windows 2008 servers, firewalls, phone systems, or other systems in need of upgrading.

Good news! The IRS has extended Section 179 tax benefits to the 2020 tax year. In addition, leasing options can help you spread the cost of technology capital expenditures over monthly payments for 2, 3, or even 5 years, while still allowing you to take the Section 179 tax deduction on your 2020 taxes.

As a reminder, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 reach end of life in January 2020. There are serious cybersecurity risks if you don’t upgrade, as Microsoft will no longer be releasing security upgrades for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 in January.

As a refresher, small businesses can immediately deduct up to $1 million for qualifying purchases of capital property, including computers and other technology equipment, rather than amortizing the cost over 5 or 7 years as is the normal tax implication. For more information, visit our Section 179 Resource Page.

So if you don’t have the budget in 2020 to upgrade your obsolete technology, you can still get the upgrade done in Q4 2020 and pay for it with a lease that allows you to spread the cost over future monthly payments. Fulcrum Group even offers no payment options for 90 days.

Contact your Fulcrum Group Fractional CIO for recommendations on upgrades, and get those upgrades completed before January!

IT Budgeting - Not Just An Annual Event

IT Budgeting Not Just An Annual Event During a recent conversation with our Fractional CIOs, I asked them about annual IT budgeting for our SPOT clients. To my surprise, they mentioned that, while certain annual IT budgeting does occur, especially around costs such as software maintenance, hardware warranties, and other annual recurring costs, they are working with most clients on updating the IT budget on a quarterly basis.  This is because business requirements change more frequently than annually, and availability of funds can change more often, especially during a pandemic. Since Fulcrum’s SPOT Managed IT Services includes our quarterly Proactive Services STAR visits, updated Business Alignment Report Card, and Technology Roadmap, we can be more granular and update budgets quarterly. This allows IT to be more closely aligned with business requirements. If you’re not already a SPOT Managed IT Services client today, reach out to us to find out how to get regular IT budget updates and better results from your IT.

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Cybersecurity SPOTlight: Remote Access Security

Optimizing and securing your Work From Home Space and devices, and be on the lookout for Covid-related scams in Scam of the Month, in this month's Cybersecurity Awareness Newsletter. As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have questions.

Vistage Executive News - Implementing EOS

Vistage Executive Group Here at Fulcrum Group, we utilize the Scaling Up performance platform to help us manage our business. “EOS” or the Entrepreneurial Operating System is a business management and leadership framework developed by Gino Wickman and discussed in his best-selling book, Traction. It has been implemented in tens of thousands of companies - from small startups to companies with tens, hundreds, or thousands of employees. As a comprehensive system, it addresses the six key components common to every business. Our Vistage Chair, Jim Brewer, wrote this blog post that appears on our Vistage peer, Tom Bronson’s web site
Fulcrum Group Did You Know

Did You Know...? IT Budgeting

Did you know...that Fulcrum Group’s SPOT Managed IT Services includes IT budgeting provided to you by your Fractional CIO.