October News:

On The Calendar Save the Date:  We hope you'll pencil us in on the date and location of your preference - Thursday, October 27th at Ruth's Chris North Dallas or Thursday, November 3rd at Ruth's Chris downtown Fort Worth for our Fall 2016 Lunch & Learns. Each lunch meeting will run from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and we'll be enjoying some awesome Ruth's Chris food while discussing hot IT topics and digital marketing strategies for small business. Stay plugged into us on social media, where we'll be updating regularly.  Quick links to our social media pages are accessible right from our website and in every monthly newsletter email you receive from us. If you're new to our newsletter and you'd like to subscribe, let us know.
Top Trends in IT for SMBs We hope you're planning on joining us soon for our Fall Lunch & Learn series "Top Trends in IT for SMBs." We will be going over trending technology for small and medium businesses - what's hot in tech and digital marketing.  Here's a snapshot of what we'll be discussing at two different DFW locations, over an unforgettable Ruth's Chris lunch: Cloud Solutions – Hosted Email, Software as a Service, Infrastructure/Platform as a Service VOIP - Enterprise Unified Communications features now available for SMBs. Virtualization – Redundant, Highly Available and Scalable platforms for SMBs. Wireless – Improved performance and reliability. Security – More important than ever with small businesses, which are targeted specifically. Backup & Disaster Recovery – Automated backups to the cloud protect SMBs’ most critical IT assets. We will be teaming up with Mojo Media Labs to bring you the latest on digital marketing strategies for SMBs.  RSVP today on our event page and be sure to use the hashtag #tfgtoptrends to join in the conversation on social media! 
Cyber Security Tips For You In observance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, you may have noticed we've been sharing a lot of cyber safety information with you over our blog and social media. Here's a few that generated the most interest from our readers: Check out our latest blog for a recent Business Email Compromise (BEC) attempt that recently threatened a client. As always, we want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us with questions in the most convenient way for you - whether its a shout out by phone or an email, let us know if we can assist you or your staff with ensuring your organization's cyber security.
SPOTlight On: Doug HendersonThe Fulcrum Group - Dallas Fort Worth IT Experts Help Desk Engineer, Doug Henderson, is one of the latest additions to The Fulcrum Group Engineering team. Doug's regular duties include taking calls from customers, creating and working on first response tickets, routing tickets and updating documentation when necessary, along with general troubleshooting issues and assisting with alerts, backups, and patching. Recent certifications Doug has earned will help ensure clients have the most up-to-date anti-virus protection for their work environments. When asked about his favorite and least-fav parts of the job, Doug chimes in that helping people and solving issues is one of the pluses, while the commute from Plano is not so great.  Mountain biking, movies and online games are some of the ways he likes to spend free time and recently attained a goal by completing the (name) Triathlon.  With a strong attention to detail, pride in his work and a desire to build real relationships with colleagues and clients, Doug is a welcome addition to our team!  
  More Than Tech Tips: Sanctuary Time  Tech Tips from The Fulcrum Group, Dallas Fort Worth IT Managed Services Provider The word "sanctuary" connotes a place of sacred place, or a place of safety.  Because it is not only desirable, but necessary, to grab a few precious uninterrupted moments during the day for decompressing or regrouping and focusing on tasks at hand, here's a few Sanctuary Time tips we want to pass along to you that we implement regularly to tweak productivity each day:
  • Determine a general layout - or plan - for your day. Email rules way too many of our waking hours, so set priorities up front, before you even check email.
  • Adjust your attitude about list-making.  Instead of being stressed by detailing tasks, make lists with an end-of-day feeling of "these are the goals I can accomplish that will make me feel productive and successful" in mind.
  • Be an advocate for your own time and learn to feel fine with saying no. Work is infinite, but our time is finite.
  • Put everything you want to get done on your calendar because what gets scheduled tends to get done. Studies reflect that the more details you add (the what's, when's and where's), the more likely it is to be followed through.
We hope you use some of these hints - or perhaps you or your team uses others.  Feel free to share them on our Facebook page!  
  Did You Know...Kari's LawThe Fulcrum Group Dallas Fort Worth IT Experts As of September 1, 2016, Texas businesses that utilize multi-line telephone systems must ensure their compliance with Kari's Law. All Texas businesses with multi-line phone systems must provide callers with direct access to 9-1-1 (without having to dial an extra digit first), and owners must reprogram or replace their telephone systems so that they are in compliance. A FAQ can be accessed at Texas911.org.  More information and background on Kari's Law can be found on The Fulcrum Group web site, and also here and here. If you have questions about your business phone system and its compliance, always feel free to reach out to The Fulcrum Group. We're happy to help you!