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On The Calendar If you're new to our newsletter and you'd like to subscribe, let us know. Fulcrum Group Calendar of Events We hope you benefited from last month's Cyber Security Awareness theme and the information we provided you.  We'd love to hear if anything we shared last month helped you tighten up your security posture. Here's what's happening this month: Wednesday, November 12th, from 11:30 to 1 p.m. Join the DFW Business Intelligence Community at Noah's Event Center in Irving for lunch and a presentation, Through The Security Looking Glass.  More info and signup on our Events page. Subscribing to our blog is a great way to stay aware of events that pop up, best security practices, new alerts and other information for business owners and IT Managers.  
Bringing Together Your Workforce, Data & DevicesUniting mobile workforce The Fulcrum Group Dallas Fort Worth IT Experts Is your company among the growing wave of organizations that employ a mobile workforce, such as remote users, traveling users, or users who take their laptops home? Do you need to be able to provide contractors secure access to your resources?  An affordable backup solution? SPOT Cloud Drive may be exactly what you're looking for. Here's a few scenarios in which small and medium businesses in and around the DFW area have benefited from our SPOT Cloud Drive solution:
  • One of our clients recently moved their primary file shares to SPOT Cloud Drive, which resulted in faster performance, while simplifying things for users. With SPOT Cloud Drive, remote users no longer have to remote into the network using VPN.
  • Another client was paying separately for off-site backup of their traveling users’ laptops.  We were able to save them money by configuring the FREE off-site backup utility built right into SPOT Cloud Drive.  With the 100GB of pooled storage per user, the client was easily able to reduce their monthly expenses by canceling the paid off-site backup service.
Information request from The Fulcrum Group, Dallas Fort Worth Managed ServicesYou can read more in detail about how SPOT Cloud Drive is an affordable solution for managing usability and safety of your company's data in our upcoming November White Paper.  Until then, feel free to reach out to us if you have questions.        
A New Home For The Fulcrum Group Lobby of Sterling Building, North Fort Worth, Texas We're getting settled in our new home this month, located in The Sterling Building (5751 Kroger Drive) in Keller. Sterling Building, North Fort Worth, TexasOver the summer if your kiddos clamored for jump time at Altitude like mine did, you're probably more than familiar with right where we are!   We feel right at home at our new location, just due east of Alliance Town Center, with its neat amenities including a gym, large conference rooms and auditorium for special presentations. Be on the lookout for an invite coming your way after the holidays to join us for a night of celebration! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for updates, pictures, and all the usual alerts, tips and hints for small business owners and managers.  
SPOTlight On:  David Holiman Spotlight on Fulcrum Group employeeOur newest engineer, David Holiman comes to us as a Level II Engineer, accepting escalated tickets from our Help Desk, as well as tackling other issues that come across our SPOT Monitoring System. David, recently Internetworking-certfied (which allows for more efficient identification of network issues and configuration of new network equipment) enjoys talking with and meeting new people. He says, "I like helping folks to get their IT to work for them rather than against them.  And I don't like to quit until the job is done."  We so appreciate that about our Help Desk team and feel that it really shines through in their interaction with our clients!  We hope this kind of genuine service spirit is unmistakable to each of our clients in every interaction they have with us. David has a most interesting hobby... operating an amateur radio station (FCC licensed, callsign KD5YDU). With the radio equipment he has in his home office, he can talk to other amateur radio operators around the world. He points out, "in times of emergency, it is most often the amateur radio operators that are called upon to pass messages to other parts of the state/country/world when other lines of communication (think cell phones) are down".  That's cool.  Welcome, David!  
Tech TipTech Tips from The Fulcrum Group, Dallas Fort Worth IT Managed Services Provider: Live-Screening Your Office Voicemail Using Switchvox The Digium Phone Voicemail App lets you screen a voicemail message as it is being left, answer the call immediately, or let the call go to voicemail. By default, all extensions have permission to use voicemail screening. However, the admin can turn this off in extension management. How it works
  • When a caller is leaving you a message both the message waiting indicator and your line key blink in amber, and there is a recording icon in the main screen's title bar.
  • To access the Screening option, press the Msgs button. This displays the App's softkeys: Screen, Answer, Folder, and Refresh.
  • Press Screen to listen to voicemail as it is being left. This displays the voicemail screening information.
  • Press Answer either before screening or while screening to connect to the caller and end the message in your mailbox. The active message, the one being left by the caller, is displayed at the top of the voicemail list.
Digium Switchvox UC solutions from The Fulcrum Group, Dallas Fort Worth IT experts                    
Did You Know...? SPOT Cloud Drive The Fulcrum Group Dallas Fort Worth IT Experts Did you know with SPOT Cloud Drive, your remote users no longer have to remote into the network using VPN? Ask your Fulcrum Group Account Manager if you'd like to find out more about how SPOT Cloud Drive can simplify your business processes!