May News:

On The Calendar Another successful InnoTech Dallas/SharePoint TechFest is in the books! Congratulations to Scot Bowman with Freese & Nichols, who was the lucky winner of the customary Fulcrum Group Jar o' Cash. Today, Wednesday, May 17th from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., the DFW Business Intelligence Community meeting focus will be The Everchanging Cyber Threat Landscape for the Mid-Market, presented by David Johnson from The Fulcrum Group! More info, and link to RSVP on our Events page. Our May Webinar - Top 5 Benefits of VCIO Services for SMBs - will be Thursday, May 25th from 10:00 - 10:30 a.m.  RSVP today!  After you signup, you can expect to receive an Outlook calendar appointment with all relevant details inside. Quick links to our social media pages are accessible right from our website and in every monthly newsletter email you receive from us. If you're new to our newsletter and you'd like to subscribe, let us know.
Top 5 Benefits of VCIO Services for SMBs For most small businesses, big picture IT planning is non-existent.  Usually there’s no IT budget or technology plan, and technology is mostly a sunk cost, not really involved in business transformation. The Fulcrum Group will show you how our VCIO Services (which are part of our SPOT Managed IT Services) can help you effectively budget and plan your IT, resulting in business transformation! Here are 5 benefits of VCIO services that we'll expand on in our upcoming webinar on 5/25! Don't miss it! Budgeting Most SMBs have never properly budgeted for IT. Technology Planning Planning for IT upgrades can ensure that your business experiences maximum uptime and reliability. Advocate for your business Your VCIO is your advocate.  He or she is always looking out for you, and advocates for you, within The Fulcrum Group, 3rd party vendors, and even your own business. Business Transformation Your VCIO helps you transform IT from a cost center, to helping you drive profits and innovation within your business. Fractional Costs You only pay a small portion of what a full-time CIO would cost. Our upcoming webinar, Top 5 Benefits of VCIO Services for SMBs, will zoom in for a closer look at these benefits. Don't miss out - RSVP today!
Why Your IT Equipment Does Not Belong In the Mop Closet Companies depend on their IT equipment for their livelihoods. Why then would anyone house this critical equipment in locations that are not temperature controlled, and/or are subject to high humidity levels and dust? Best practices dictate that your computer equipment should be located in a properly sized room, and with dedicated power (on it’s own separate circuit breaker).  Its a collective headache when an employee heats up a burrito in the microwave, inadvertently causing a circuit breaker to flip, and all of your technology goes down.  As your organization gets larger, and more IT infrastructure is required, physical security will become more important, as will dedicated cooling systems.  Most commercial office buildings with shared cooling systems do not operate 24x7 like your computer equipment does. Other risks might include water leakage, lack of space or inefficient cabling (locating your cabling MDF in a non-central location).  And don’t forget sufficient battery backups to ensure your critical IT systems have consistent and consistent, reliable power. If you are moving to new offices, or renovating your existing offices, this could be the ideal time to relocate your critical IT equipment to a better, more secure location. Contact your Fulcrum Group Account Manager for a free assessment of your IT/computer room.
SPOTlight On: Fulcrum Group Monthly Webinar Series  We hope everyone is aware of our Fulcrum Group Monthly Webinar Series.  Each month this year, we've offered free informative presentations on Microsoft Office 365, Disaster Recovery Planning, Improving Email Security, Managing Your IT Vendors and now this month, we present Top 5 Benefits of VCIO Services for SMBs. We invite you to checkout our YouTube Channel, which features these presentations.  We hope our series helps you (or a colleague) find out more information on any of these topics. Of course, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have via email or phone at 817-337-0300.  Or, feel free to suggest a topic for us to cover in the future, on our Facebook page!
  More Than Tech Tips: Good Intentions OK. Documented, Repeatable Processes Better!

Contributed by Robert Curtis Full article here

How many employees do you know that say to themselves, “I am going to go into work today and make a mess of things.”  Hopefully, none!  Most everybody has good intentions to do the best job possible based upon what they've been empowered with and trained to do. As an organization grows, more of the work occurs outside of leaders’ direct line-of-sight. The number and complexity of decisions increase, as do the challenges of communicating and coordinating among the parts of the part of the organization.  Leaders use repeatable, documented processes to guide the organization beyond their direct line-of-sight, and to allow their influence to persist over timeA repeatable process can be defined as a set of actions that are documented and can be easily duplicated. Recently on our blog, we offered up some additional ideas to help you develop and implement processes that will help your organization grow successfully!  
  Did You Know...VCIO ServicesThe Fulcrum Group Dallas Fort Worth IT Outsourcing Managed Services Did you know that Fulcrum Group’s SPOT Managed IT Services includes VCIO services? Contact your Fulcrum Group Account Manager via email or at 817-337-0300 for more details.